Selling Photoshop services for gold

Title says it all, I'll take care of your photoshop needs in exchange for gold. Just tell me what it is you need done, I can fulfill most requests.
Just a suggestion - post a link with some examples. It'll help boost potential sales. =)
Sure! The most work I've done in photoshop is make people signatures for forums, but I can do many things. I've dabbled in photo manipulation (someone once asked me to photoshop a six pack onto them for fun), I've made banners for webpages and streaming pages, etc.

Here's some of my (imo) best work:

And this one is one of my personal favorites

All of these are signatures, but my skills with these very easily transfers to other things, such as some banners or artwork for a twitch page or something for a forum, anything really. Just tell me what you want done, what kind of style you're looking for, and I'll give it a go.

I've taken a Graphics Design class in school, so I am adept enough at photoshop to be able to complete the majority of requests that are thrown my way.
How much to make me naked pictures of Whiteleaf riding a raptor riding a shark with lasers? Or Moddex having sex with a donkey?
lol. provide me with pics and I'll make it happen.

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