Need UI help, post inside?

Greetings Druid Community,

I am back to the game after a 2+ year hiatus. Much has changed. I leveled this guy to 85, then quit.

I see we have a tank specialization, which is where I'm going to spec/play. Now, I have no muscle memory at all for keybinds. I would be interested to see some UIs and keybinds to go off of...I'm already dreading rebuilding from scratch.

I've read the sticky at the top, and I'm working on it while leveling. So, thoughts? Concerns? Things you wish people have told you?
Best tip I got was to move my movement keys over to the right one row. So:

forward E
strafe right R
strafe left W
back D

This opens up more keys to the left. I think I could probably dps (on some classes) with only a few keybinds, but as a tank or healer I need more keybinds. Keybinds include
1,2,3,4,5,6,mousebutton (side), f,y,q,a,z,v,t,~,x
Shift mods for all (if you're comfortable).

It doesn't have to be exactly that, but keys you are comfortable reaching. All my characters share keybind concepts, such as spell interrupts on Y, main attack/heal on 3, instant cast dots/hots on 4 and mousebutton, dispels on Q (if healer) or 7 (if dps). So when switching characters you can pick up the play style easily. If taunt is always 2, then that's one less thing to relearn. With active mitigation tanking, having your resource dump mitigation abilities on easy to hit buttons really helps.

I would also recommend some type of addon setup that concentrates information in one spot. I personally use Shadowed Unit Frames (self, target, target of target, target of target of target, focus, pet) and Classtimer (self and target). I have everything center/low so that the screen is mostly open and I can see everything at a glance. You don't really need a threat meter front and center anymore, but I find it useful to have off to the side. If you keep all your action bars showing, you'll want a cooldown on the buttons (don't remember if Wow's default does this anymore). I like CooldownButtons because I can have them all in one spot, but again that's preference.

For tanking, Tidyplates is very useful. I would recommend a raid frames addon if you're comfortable setting it up. For a tank, you don't need much, but keeping it to the side and out of your vision helps. Vuhdo (takes a little setup), Grid, etc...
I definitely plan on using grid. Always have. There are SO MANY long feral tank cool downs now. Last night I tanked a few cataclysm dungeons in MOP gear (165k health) so I was unkillable.

But I was just mashing buttons and panicking, I didn't know what was actually what.

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