PvP Druids - Balance vs Feral

Until recently I had not played my Druid since WotLK (I was Resto then). It is now 90 and I want to change it up a big and I'm stuck between Feral and Balance for PvP.
Whilst pvping on my main I have encountered players who were very good at both specs, so I decided to do a bit of research since I've never played anything but resto, and all it uncovered was a lot of complaining about how both specs suck (not that I'm entirely surprised, seems all people do is complain no matter what the class/spec is). So I wanted to ask if there is anyone who can tell me about the positives they have found playing both/either spec. and which they would recommend from their experience with the class.
I was boomkin all the way up until a few weeks ago, I love both but I'm definitely loving feral. I'd vote go feral. Once you get used to the way it works it's pretty awesome great burst, tons of defensives, good survivability, etc.. Make sure you go soul of the forest instead of incarnation for bgs though ;)
Depends on what you want to be doing in PvP:

RBG's -> Go moonkin

Arena -> Feral

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