Preventing the Inevitable-Redux (IC)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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They say things never happen the same way twice.

“Sardormi there is something I need you to do. Something horrible is about to happen, something Chromie will see. I ask you to help her as best you can. Soon the shadow will be over us all.”

Greetings Hero. Your aid is critical; you are required in a matter of grave importance to meet at the Caverns of time. All will be explained upon your arrival. I apologize for the shortness of this letter, but the dire nature of the matter makes giving too much information a danger.” Chromie wrote the last copy of the letter and using her magic to translocate the letters to the correct recipients. Chromie had no words for what she had witnessed, only that a single date stood out in her mind.

After the events in the time stream Nozdormu had deemed “The End Time” Chromie had begun exploring the future. Not far off she stumbled upon a particular day. A day that had no tomorrow. The things she saw in that time line still haunted her mind.

Chromie flew over what was once Elwynn forest. The ground was pure black, dead the leafless trees jutted up like vicious fingers clawing at the skies. No single living thing still moved that she could see.

She flew until she found the remains of the once great nation of Stormwind. Something truly horrid had happened as the gates were shattered and the decaying bodies of both Alliance and horde lay upon the ground. Some great siege had happened.

“What happened here?” She asked herself looking over the ruined remains of the city. She pondered about the possibilities but the scarring, the death, the streaks of radiating white and black energies gave her only one option. She dreaded the mere thought of how such a thing happened.

“The End time… little bronze wyrm. That is what they call it; the day with no tomorrow.” A voice rang out over the deafening silence. It’s voice echoing as if it was speaking in multiple voices instead of one. A time twisted echo of itself. It was a dragon, simple in color yet infinite in its complexity, one of the last inhabitants of Azeroth; one of the infinite dragonflight.

“The arrogance of mortals finally caught up with them. The Horde and Alliance were at each other’s throats… until the very end. They saw nothing but hate, and in the end hate consumed them all.” The twisted dragon said. Dark shadows began to move across the ground. They began rising up to create monstrous forms. The infinite simply laughed as Chromie fled from the timeline.

“Chronormu.” A voice broke Chromie’s attention from the memory of things to come, back to the present. “I am ready. Nozdormu has tasked me with aiding you with your endeavor to find out what this potential future means for us.” The drake said as she took a human form.

“You have been practicing I see.” Chromie said as she turned to fully face the young dragon. Just coming of age to start aiding the dragonflight and already the young one was enthusiastic to do everything she could to assist the older dragons.

“Yes I feel I have gotten the human form down enough to be able to mask myself among them.” The drake said. There was a gleeful smile on the young one that showed her youth. She had so much life in her, so much time to live it. Or so Chromie thought. She would love to believe that such a thing was possible, but time… time was not on their side in this event.

Smiling Chromie said “Ok the only thing for us to do then is to wait until the ones I invited show up. It will only be… a matter of time.” The gnome said with a small laugh at the unintentional pun. The whelp smiled as she shifted back into her true form. “In that case I will await them just outside the caverns.” She said with a smile before flying up the tunnel towards the entrance.

Chromie could not get what she had seen out of her head, but she knew that those heroes who would answer her call would help reshape the very future of Azeroth. Something that Nozdormu had seemed to have come to a different opinion of after the fall of the Destroyer. “I am sure they will have questions when they arrive, I will be sure to answer them as best I can.” Chromie said out loud, only to look around and see no one else was around. She sighed to herself as she began to slowly walk up the tunnel towards the exit of the cavern. The footprints she left in the sand vanished almost immediately as she walked.

In the back of Chromie’s mind she could not help but remember what she had seen. She could not stop the flow of memories about the day with no tomorrow. “Such a calamity… must not happen. There must be an answer.” The dragon said as she walked. She could easily have flown to the entrance, or even teleported, but walking along gave her time to think, and time… was not on her side.
Sammuroth Stormfury walked under the lush trees of the Moonglade, enjoying the peace, and quiet he had earned, after a few tours of Pandaria, the druid had grown tired of the constant fighting betwen the Horde, and the Alliance. Their complete disregard for the beauty of the continent sickened him, so he had returned before he snapped, and killed the Horde, and Alliance leaders on the continent. Coming upon his modest dwelling, which he rarely stayed in, he smiled as he saw his adopted daughter Lori Nighttalon, waiting for him with a smile on her face. As he came up to the girl he nuzzled her leg, the best sign of affection he could give in his current form without crushing the poor girl, she in return knelt down and wrapped her arms around his muscular felin neck. "I am glad you are back shan'do,"she said as she broke the embrace, the cat looked at her, and smiled, "I tired of the constant warring on Pandaria, it's impossible to appreciate it's beauty with everyone fighting, and I was about to snap. Besides I missed my dear Lori too much to stay away any longer," the girl beamed, and gave her shan'do another hug. Their reunion was cut short, by a flash of light from inside the house, looking at each other in bewilderment, they went inside to find a neatly tied letter.

Lori picked it up, "It's addressed to you shan'do," the cat looked at the letter the girl held out to him in puzzlement, it was obvious magic had been used to get this here, but who could it be from. Sammuroth nodded to Lori, indicating she should open it, and read it, carefully the girl unrolled the scroll, and began reading, "Greetings Hero. Your aid is critical; you are required in a matter of grave importance to meet at the Caverns of time. All will be explained upon your arrival. I apologize for the shortness of this letter, but the dire nature of the matter makes giving too much information a danger.” By the end of the letter Lori had begun reading it with disgust, and after she finished she threw it on the floor, and turned away, to hide her tears. Sammuroth wasn't fooled, and came up to her, and nuzzled her leg, telling her to kneel down, and she did so, but before the cat could speak the girl burst into tears. "W-why do y-you always get called a-away, just after you return it's n-not f-fair," she lunged forward, and clung to the druid's neck, if Sammuroth had his hand he would have patted her on the back, instead he just softly spoke. "I know it isn't fair Lori, it always seems just as we think we will have some time as a family, I get called away again, if it were from anyone else I would ignore the summons. This letter came from the Bronze Dragonflight, and if they need me to go to the Caverns of Time, our very future may be at risk."

The cat gently pushed the girl away so she could look at his face, and see his own tears, "I do not wish to leave, but if I don't go, we may not have a tomorrow to spend together. So I need to know that I will have something to come back to, I need to know you will be here awaiting my return," still crying Lori nodded, "I will always be here for you to return to shan'do." Samuroth smiled through his own tears, "That's my girl, be strong, and pray for my safe return," she nodded, and gave him one last hug before he walked out the door.

- A Few Days Later-

Sammuroth Stormfury trekked through the deserts of Tanaris, heading to the home of the Bronze Flight, his mind was abuzz with what the dragons could want from him. Surely there were younger, more able bodied heroes to answer their call, so why send a request for aid to him. More than his age, and physical traits, he also suffered from his "curse," at least that is how the druid referred to it, the Bronze dragons had to know about it, since they knew everything that had happened, or will happen. So why risk bringing someone who could potentially be harmful to their mission, he had learned a long time ago not to question the eccentric flight's decisions. Perhaps they knew something he didn't, on how he would fair during this mission, regardless he was here now, so there was no turning back. He could see the opening into the small valley, where the Caverns of Time rested, as he entered he could see one of the Bronze Flight waiting at the opening. He was apparently the first person to arrive, he came up to the dragon, and said, "Sammuroth Stormfury, I am here to answer the summons," not waiting for a response he went into the mouth of the Caverns, and lay down, "hopefully I won't have to wait long."
A blue proto-drake skimmed across the sky above Desolace. The creatures rider, Neltriz, was staring down upon the dead landscape and the various skeletons of once mighty creatures. He was very eager to reach the border of this barren landscape, which had just come into his view in the South. He wasn't going anywhere in particular, but he had felt unneasy ever since he and his proto-drake, Grishnak, had entered Desolace.

Or at least, he assumed he had no where better to be. He was momentarily blinded by a flash of light coming from one of the satchels fastened around his belt. He reached into the satchel after nearly falling from his mount, and pulled out a seemingly plain letter. He unfolded it and began quietly questioning what a race of time traveling dragons would want with a humble adventurer.

Nevertheless, he decided that Tanaris was as good a place as any to head next, and gently tugged at Grishnak's reigns, turning in a direction slightly more East than their original path.


The sun was just beginning to rise the next day as Neltriz spotted the Caverns of Time on the horizon. Grishnak landed in a flurry of sand just outside the cavern's entrance. He walked over to the nearest bronze drake and showed it the letter he had found in his bag. The Drake nodded and Neltriz continued into the cavern after requesting the drake to keep an eye on Grishnak.
Luthionn sighed heavily. He was almost to his destination, but he it would take him another hour or so. Tanaris wasn't a very easy place to get to... It wasn't Luthionn's favorite place either. Earlier that day, he was in the Blue Recluse silently polishing his axe. His favorite axe was a prized possession. He would never let it go, unless there was a better axe or sword out there somewhere. He then moved his eyes a little, to see a courier striding towards him.

Luthionn kept polishing his blade, but gave off a cold feeling. He felt this feeling himself, but he always was used to it. He lets the cold air come out to let people know he is annoyed and doesn't want to be bothered. It's also there to make him seem more intimidating. The courier came up to him, hands shaking while his knees looked like they were about to buckle. He spoke, stuttering, "L-Luthionn.... sir? U-Uhm... I have a l-letter.... F-for y-you..." Luthionn sighed and stood up. He towered over the small human, and shealthed his axe. He forcefully took the letter and shooed the puny human away. He then read the note, and cursed loudly. He hadn't mean to attract so much attention. He strode on to the cellar, and read the note several times, making sure he had got everything right. He muttered, "Damn... Why now..." He put the note in his pouch, and began to get ready for a boring adventure to Tanaris.

Luthionn arrived more quickly then anticipated. He saw a Bronze Flight standing there, and Luthionn took then note and threw it down near his feet. He walked inside to see two Druid. He didn't know this fellow, and wasn't very good at being social. He sat down near a dark corner, and felt right at home. He then said to the both of them, "So, got the summons too hm?"
Dristis was sitting at a desk in his working area inside Archerus. He'd been stuck in the citadel for weeks now doing, what he felt, was useless work. He wanted to be out in the field but kept getting tasked with staying inside. The burden of being in an officer position. He looked at the assorted books and papers in front of him.

He slammed his fist on his desk, and almost as if on command, a ghoul walked in to his office and dropped a sealed letter on his desk. He nodded and waved his hand, dismissing the creature. As it hobbled off, he broke the seal and read it. He couldn't help but smirk a bit. He stood up, his chair being kicked away. He grabbed his armor, sword and duffel bag and headed to the flight platform. He cinched his equipment to the saddle of a Frostwyrm and got on, snapping the reigns as it tore off in to the horizon.


He arrived several hours later to the entrance of the Caverns of Time. Sending the Frostwyrm back to Archerus, he shouldered his equipment and made his way to the opening. There was a Bronze drake waiting for those who were summoned. Dristis could already see a few others had arrived.

He nodded quietly in greeting to each of them and set his bag down.

"Dristis Octavian. Answering the call of the letter I received."
Luthionn looked over to see another Death Knight like him coming. He sighed. He wasn't very comfortable with other Death Knights, but it was expected. He huddled himself into the dark corner, and took out his axe and began casually sharpening it. Just making sure he had better sharpen it in case things got... out of hand.
"Okay, all I have to do is come up with a more efficient fuel for this engine you speak about?" John said to a female goblin beside him as he walked down the road to Gadgetzan. It was dusk. The sun was setting beautifully behind the horizon as the two made their way to the city. "Yeah, about 18.26 percent more." The woman said to John. "Eighteen percent?!" John exclaimed. "And within a weeks time? This is outlandish! Why didn-…" The woman fluttered her hands at John, shushing him. "Shhhh! Shh! Calm down. You won't be starting from scratch. We've already gotten pretty far; we just hit a rut. All I'm askin' you to do is take a look at the formula we came up with and see what you can do with it. If ya' can fix it, you get paid… a lot. If not… well… you probably wont be able to find much work in Gadgetzan for a while." John sighed as they finally entered the city, nodding his head a few times. "Right… right. I just wish you told me about the "little" details you decided to leave out before I took the job." They made their way to the market, stopping off to the side of the path. "Look! I wouldn't of hunted ya' down if I knew you couldn't do this. Just take a look at the math and the solution we came up and do what you can." She grinned her toothy grin, looking up to John. "Right… well, your contract says I also receive benefits while on the job, one of them being room for me to stay in while I'm here?" The goblin woman smiled again and motioned her head to the side, indicating for John to follow.

She led John to a rather decent sized building, waving a hand across the door. "This is where you'll be staying…" She smiled as she opened up the door to the building. Immediately, John was hit with a loud wave of chatter and cheering. The room was filled with the aroma of sex, drugs, and alcohol. Not to far away were several women of different races dancing on tables in rather revealing outfits that made it quite clear of what they did for a living. "This is a brothel…" John said, clearly irritated that this is where he would be staying for the next week. "And this is your key! The goblin tossed a key up to John and then pointed to the stairs. "Up those stairs is your room, last door on the right. If anyone asks, you've ordered the vacation special with the "Exotic Wonder of Kalimdor". No, she wont be coming to your room… she's on vacation. If you have any questions, ask Ronnie at the bar. I'm out." And with that, the woman quickly left the brothel before John could even object to this crazed notion. "Wait! Why not the inn right over there? Trixle!" He moved out to try and catch her, but she was already out of sight. John growled and slowly drudged back into the building.

John began to fiddle with the lock on the door to his room. He grumbled to himself as he fixated the key properly in the hold and successfully unlocked the door. "Why on earth a brothel? They don't even have anything to -do- with broth!" He mumbled to himself as he walked into his room. It was rather nice, especially for a brothel. It even looked rather clean! He walked in, taking in the unusual sight before nodding and closing the door behind him. "This isn't half bad…" He removed his overcoat and hung in on a nearby hanger and placed his satchel on the large, silk covered bed. He was starting to understand why Trixle set him up with this place. It's probably one of the best rooms he's ever gotten to be in that was from a tavern/brothel. He walked over to a rather grand looking wardrobe of elven origins, reaching for the handle to open it up. Inside was a rather large trunk made of wicker, too heavy for John to lift. Rather he just slumped down to his knees and opened up the box. Inside we're several tools: some that John was similar with and others, not so much. He pulled out a pair of metal tongs from the box and held it up to examine. "Tongs… strange, they're covered entirely in a layer of rubber." He shrugged, placing the tool back into the box before removing another one. He had no clue what this one was or what it was for. Digging around, he found a small book labeled, "Guide" and flipping through the pages, quickly finding the picture that matched the tool in his hand. He began to read the passage, occasionally glancing between the tool and the book before finally coming to a conclusion. "Ohhhh." He flashed a grin, nodding to himself. "Ew."

John began to rigorously wash his hands from a rusty faucet out just outside of the building. It would have been quite obvious that he was not supposed to be using the water from said source as there was a sign right over the tap that gave a rather clear warning. He didn't care though. Just thinking about where that thing could've been in the past just made him want to puke… and wash his hands some more. When he was finally content with his hands, he stopped the running water and began to dry off his hands by shaking them off frantically. It was out of no where, it seemed when he was pelted with a decent sized rock to the head. Luckily, it didn't knock him out, but it did hurt. "Ouch! Dammit!" He looked down to the object that was thrown at him and on it was a rolled up letter, tied down. "What a clever way to send messages now a day…" He picked up the rock and took the letter and began to read:

"Greetings Hero. Your aid is critical; you are required in a matter of grave importance to meet at the Caverns of time. All will be explained upon your arrival. I apologize for the shortness of this letter, but the dire nature of the matter makes giving too much information a danger.”

"Caverns of Time, eh?" He looked around for who ever tossed the rock at him, but they were long gone by then. "Hello?" He asked before looking down South. The Caverns of Time wasn't too far away. This most likely came from the Bronze and if they were calling on him, something must be up. He stood there in the darkness of the night, pondering for a moment on his choices: stay in Gadgetzan and get a nice chunk of change for solving a "little" chemistry problem or go see what up at the Caverns of Time. Who knows? Maybe he'll be able to go on a little trip through time? Slowly, a grin came on his face and he darted back into the brothel to grab his things head out.

It was a rather long trek to the Caverns, but luckily, he made it there before the sun became a problem. From the distance, he could just barely see a few others waiting at the entrance of the cave. They must've received letters as well. With a smirk, John approached the small group and nodded at each of them. "Oi." He'd simply before standing off to the side and remaining quiet. He certainly looked rather out of place from the rest of the folk that had received letters. Everyone was all armed and dangerous… and clawed and furry, while John stood there, dressed like an ordinary middle class Gilnean. Looks like he missed the memo…

"Well… I do hope someone brought the tea." He looked up to the sky, watching as the dragons flew around and about, patrolling the entrance to the cave. "John Anders. Someone threw a rock at me and here I am." He shrugged before glancing around, curious.

Luthionn saw the Gilnean come in and he smirked. He noticed that the man didn't have any idea of what was going on, and kept sharpening his blade. He was getting rather bored, so he summoned his favorite ghoul, Gravebeater. It wasn't exactly a perfect name, so he nicknamed him Grav. That seemed to fit better then Gravebeater. He began sharpening his blade, and day dreaming about random stuff, the future, the present, and his dark past. He clenched his fist, and sharpened his blade a lot faster, to notice that it was too sharp. He sighed, and put the rock down. He grabbed two other rocks, some sticks, and went into the middle of the cavern. He put the sticks down, and rubbed the rocks together. He did it quicker and quicker until the sticks finally went on fire. He gently blew into the flame, letting it get oxygen and grow. In no more then a minute he had a perfect warm fire going. He sat there, and hummed a song he learned from the Archerus when he served the Lich.
"Good some have already arrived. She must have displaced them to allow for travel time. Cleaver." Sardormi said. She swooped down and landed in the middle of the area before giving herself a human form. "Greetings. I believe a few more people might show up, but until then I think we should get you all up to speed. No doubt you are all curious as to why we called for you." She said loud enough for everyone to hear her.

The little gnome had just reached the entrance as she saw Sardormi had already began to introduce herself. She smiled at the cat druid before walking past him. "Hello everyone. Pleased to meet you, or have we already met? Anyway As Sardormi said I am sure you are curious as to why your were summoned here." She said before taking a deep sigh. "I will be frank. We need your help. I was looking into the future and I saw a day. A Day that had no tomorrow. All of Azeroth was dead, but not just dead. Something horrible had happened. The darkness moved and was taking form. I believe the Infinite Dragonflight... has returned." She said. "I believe that you heroes will be able to help us prevent such a future form occurring."

Sardormi was concerned. She had heard form Nozdormu that Chromie had seen something in the future, but the potential return of the Infinite Dragonflight was disturbing beyond words.
Luthionn smirked. "The Infinite Dragonflight eh? I haven't heard of those in a few years... They shouldn't be too much of a problem, if this is actually happening." He moved back to his corner, and sat there, staying quiet. He had said one thing today, and that was going to be enough unless he was asked a question. He wasn't social, and wasn't going to start being a social being now.
"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Neltriz said in reply to the Night Elf Death Night. "For all we know there could have been hundreds of people supposed to meet here, but the Infinite could have erased their births from history. We might have been the only to survive some big encounter before we were even born. Or, they might still be in the process of eliminating our existence, and we may start disappearing at any moment. Now, I could go on for hours about how they may attack, but let it suffice that you never underestimate time travelers."
Luthionn glared at the Worgen. "They were a problem before, yes. But we easily eliminated them. If they're as easy as they used to be, then we should be able to crush them. They aren't that smart. I'm pretty sure." He sighed, and stopped glaring at the Worgen. He looked down at his feet, lost in thought.
Deep inside of her tent a tauren female grumbled while looking over reports of centaur activity throughout Mulgore in the recent years. Many of the pages were old and worn from repeated readings, but she couldn't give up hope that somewhere she might find something within them about that day. Massive fingers pressed against closed eyes while she strained her mind to put together some missing piece to make sense of everything.

She was nearly ready to call it a night when a bright light started shining from one of the leather pouches nearby. Curiously the tauren pulled a scroll, still sealed, from the confines of the pouch. Unraveling the parchment revealed a note requesting aid in the Caverns of Time. The dragonflights rarely called upon mortals for aid, so such a summon was not to be taken lightly. The female gathered her belongings quickly and marched out of the tent before speaking to one of the Bluff Watchers stationed outside, "I thank you, again, for letting me use the old reports. Something has come up, however, and I must leave." With a quick bow she turned toward the center of Thunder Bluff and made her way to the stables.

Inside a large grey kodo with war plates munched on a bale of grass and hay, patiently waiting. The tauren climbed onto the beast's back and grabbed the reigns, pulling the kodo away from his feed as her mind raced with thoughts of what awaited in the domain of the Bronze Dragonflight.


After a long journey the valley hiding the Caverns of Time came into view, and the tauren, Leyt'ta, urged her kodo mount forward. After a short ride she saw a group gathered just inside of the entrance to the caverns and groaned with disappointment. Ahead was a gathering of humans and elves, with the exception of a single worgen and a gnome. All members of the Alliance, most likely, and she was still terrible with the common language they all spoke.

She walked her beast up to the group after checking to make certain her armor was fitted correctly and swiftly dismounted a few feet away. Surely, she thought to herself, they would not be so foolish as to break a banner of truce in the midst of a dragonflight. Calmly the tauren stepped closer and raised a hand in greeting to the others.
"If you are so confident than please I would like to know what each of you know about the Sha?" Chromie said. She of course had learned quite a bit about the dark creatures that plagued the Pandarian continent. Sardormi looked Chromie a bit confused. A darkness was in the air as clouds were moving over to block out the sun. A storm was coming, both figuratively and literally.

"Ah another of my chosen." Chromie said happily as the tauren shaman arrived. "Welcome I am Chromie, as I was just saying to the others I would like to know what you knew about the Sha."

"Now." Chromie said after they finished. "Imagine the Sha, unbound by pandaria. All the hate and violence in the Horde Alliance war would consume the world. I saw in my vision all of Azeroth had been consumed by the Sha. I need you brave heroes to help us find out how such a thing could happen, and how to stop it." She said. "So to that end Sardormi will go with you all to the future I had seen. You will see what I witnessed and somehow find out how this came to pass."
Sammuroth listened to Chromie's explanation of what she had seen in the future, and scoffed, "I doubt the Horde or Alliance need the Sha's help before they destroy Azeroth with their foolish war. Of course the Sha will probably speed up the process, but I have no doubt unless Varian, and Garrosh are removed from power your future will come to pass eventually." The druid had always felt the war was foolish the act, of two warmongering leaders, who couldn't put the past behind them. "Couldn't we just go back in time, and make sure Garrosh, and Varian don't gain power, I think that way would be more expedient, and less dangerous." The cat looked around at the others, "Oh, come now I was just kidding, well at least about the part of getting rid of Varian, and Garrosh, my previous belief that Chromie's future will come to pass eventually because of those two I was quite serious about." The cat looked around, another had joined them after the Tauren's arrival, "If we all just get along, and work together we can handle whatever this is, but by the looks of things I don't see that happening, I mean we have already had one pointless argument."

Looking to Chromie he said, "So who is in charge on this mission your dragon friend there, Sardormi was it, because we are going to need someone to keep the peace."
John began to listen carefully to what the gnome had to say about their mission, being sure to take plenty of mental notes. If what she was saying was true, and it likely was, then the world really was hanging in the balance… again. As he thought and processed what he was about to get himself into, a few others who had received letters came. He looked up, nodding at them before taking in what Sam had to say.

He was about to go in and poke a bunch of holes into that logic, but the cat quickly shrugged it off as a joke. John shrugged, turning to the Chromie. "Ahh. The Sha hitting Azeroth. Just imagine: all those angry city people and those superstitious country folk all banding together to create one big super Sha. It's like Pandaria is a prison, keeping the Sha from the rest of Azeroth." He smiled, straightening his overcoat before following Chromie and Sardormi into the Caverns.

He always wanted to venture into the Caverns of Time, but the Bronze never let him in. This was indeed, the first time he's actually been inside of the Caverns. Neat! While sure, they were going to be heading off on some sort of dangerous adventure, John was still pretty excited to finally be able to enter the Caverns of Time, let alone a chance to travel time. So many events he could witness, so many battles, so many civilizations. It was almost to good to be true!

"So… the Infinite Dragonflight up to their old schemes again. Your job must be hell, Chromie… and confusing. I would imagine it's like your fighting the same battles over and over again." He said as he continued to take in the surroundings, still very curious.

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