Preventing the Inevitable-Redux (IC)

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"So Sardormi will be the acting agent going with you all. I am unable to reenter the timeline." Chromie said as Sardormi stepped forward.

"Hello everyone you all can just call me Sari. I want you all to prepare. We are going into the future. While we are there we need to look for what caused the destruction that will sweep across the world. Please come over to me and when you are ready. Enter the portal." She said as he concentrated hard. The temporal distortion began small and eventually grew to a full size portal. It was impossible to see the other side of the dimensional rift.

"Follow me." She said with a grin before stepping through. Chromie would keep the portal stable until they were all through.

It was dark where Sari was standing. The bridge at the entrance of Stormwind City. The stench of death was over whelming. So many rotting corpses littered the bridge that it was hard to actually find stone to stand upon. There had been a great battle indeed nearly every race was laying around them.

The sky was dark and menacing with streaks of white mixed in. Occasional strikes of lightning illuminated the area more. The trees were all dead, the water was as dark as obsidian and Sari could swear she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. She would wait for the others before saying “I know this is a horrid place, but we must find out what happened.” She began to walk towards the city proper. The buildings were all ruined, as if a great fire had run its course with no one to even try and stop it. She knew that the humans in the group would probably be devastated in some way to see this.

Everything was quite in the dead city of Stormwind… for now.
Leyt'ta was quiet while the others talked, finding it difficult to fully understand everything that was said. Inside her own head she cursed her lacking knowledge of the humans' language. Soon enough there was motion, and the opening of a portal. Some of what the gnome said was lost on the large tauren but she could make out the words "follow me" before the mage, or more accurately the dragon, stepped through. The tauren stole a glance back at her kodo as one of the custodians of time was leading it away, presumably to care for it while the group was occupied. Fortunately, she was already wearing everything that would be needed for the journey.

Boldly the tauren strode through the portal, feeling her stomach churn as the magic thrust her through time and space, to a city - no, a graveyard. The stench of death and decay was heavy in the air, forcing a grimace to cross the female tauren's face. Slowly she walked forward, looking down to examine the bodies of the fallen. "So much death, it is almost hard to believe," she quietly said in her native tongue of taurahe.

Tearing her mind from the corpses, Leyt'ta looked to the sky and squinted her eyes. Any power that could cause even the sky above to change would have to be approached with extreme caution. Whatever these "sha" that the others had spoken of had done would be impossible to undo. It was truly as if the entire world was dead.

Walking up behind the dragon she asked, still speaking taurahe, "What, exactly, happened here? I can see the remnants of the battle but why is the sky darkened so? Why is the water black? That is not the color of blood, so it can't simply be due to these soldiers! So many questions, and I don't even know if I could get the elements to guide me with their whispers in this place." She was hoping for something to help ease her mind, but expected the answers to be more elusive.
Sammuroth didn't hesitate as the portal was opened, he had no need to prepare, you tended to not need much when you were a cat. As emerged on the other side his memories stumbled back to the War of the Ancients, the scene in Stormwind reminded him so much of the demons initial invasion of Zin'Aszhari. He shook his head to clear the memories, whatever was going on it seemed the "other" didn't much care to give any input, not that it mattered to the druid. He followed behind the tauren hearing her words, " I have seen death like this, a long time ago during the War of the Ancients the battlefields looked much the same as this, though obviously the corpses were different races than these. So much death, and no life I do not like this place," the druid spoke in taurahe, assuming the tauren was not well versed in common. Continuing to look around, the druid sensed something off, but he couldn't be sure what it was, coming up to the Sari, he overheard the tauren's question. "I have seen black waters before, on Pandaria, they were waters corrupted by Sha, and I recall areas completely under the Sha's influence had black skies. If I had to guess there may be some sort of Sha lurking in this place, and yes you may have to rely on yourself here, I can sense no life. As much as it pains me the elemental spirits may have been slain as well, but it wouldn't hurt to try," the cat gave the tauren, what he hoped was a reassuring smile.

Turning to Sari he said, "We shouldn't linger long, I sense something amiss, and I am sure you do as well, it is almost as if something, or someone is watching us. We are too exposed here, I hope the others hurry up, and join us I don't want to be caught by whatever we have to face out in the open."
"Interesting," Neltriz muttered as he walked through the portal of the Bronze Dragonflight. He had seen numerous forms of destruction and death, yet this particular scene made him uneasy. It reminded him of the Dread Wastes, only fewer bug men. He took off his helmet, pulled a pair of goggles out of one of his bags, put them on, and slipped his helmet back on over them before taking his staff in his hands. He gave the desolate landscape a quick look-over when a question dawned on him.

"Wait," he began. "Why exactly are we here?" he continued, waving his hand around him. "If we're here, than we're too late to stop the force that did this. Shouldn't we go back to before this happened?" As he waited for a reply, he began to look over the area again, only paying slightly more attention to the details.
Dristis listened closely to the Drakes. He remained quiet. A portal opened up, and he stood up, grabbing his bags and equipment. He slung his back over his shoulder and hoisted his sword, stepping through the portal.

Emerging, he immediately took notice of what used to be Stormwind. A noticeable look of shock crept across his face at what was going to come. It didn't even look like Stormwind. Smelled worse too. Corpses were strewn everywhere. He remembered growing up just outside this city, and to see it like this.

He looked down to notice that he was standing on a body. There was almost no clear ground to stand on. He scowled at looked ahead, remaining quiet. He put his helmet on and held his sword tightly. He looked around to the other group and to the drake.

"Let's just get this over with, please." he said quietly. He noticed movement, but couldn't tell if he was just seeing things or not.
Silence. Deafening silence gripped the city of Stormwind. Only the wind remained.

Sari Looked at the others. Thankfully the druid Sammuroth could speak the tauren’s language. That was good as Sari only knew Common, Orcish, and of course her own language. “We need to find out what happened here.” She said “If we only take a short jump into the future, a future you are all still alive in, we risk further temporal disruptions.” Sari said. To be honest she was on very uneasy. The shadows were moving, she could sense it.

As the heroes all exited the portal their presence was known. The uncertainty, the despair, the doubt, and most of all the fear. These emotions triggered something. Nightmares shifted and shadows stirred in the darkness of the lake below.

Chromie looked at the portal in uncertainty. Something was very off about Sari’s portal. Then it hit her. It was a two way portal. Darkness was coming from it. It the future where the group was Sha energy was feeding into the portal. Chromie gasped as the sand was becoming corrupted around the portal. “No! Not here! I have to close it!” She said as she shot a bolt of temporal magic into the portal. It shimmered visibly on either side before imploding.

Sari looked back as the portal imploded. She shockwave almost deafeningly loud compared to the utter silence of the surroundings. Tendrils of sha energy erupted from the lake beneath the bridge, lashing at the corpses. Near a dozen corpses began to move as almost oily looking growths formed, the sha energy animating the bodies. Their hands twisted into claws, the faces distorted into gaping maws.

“Ok this is very not good.” Sari said as the transformed corpses began their attack.
As Sammuroth listened to Sari, he translated everything she said into taurahe for the tauren's benefit, he could feel the darkness of the place. He had long ago learned to suppress his emotions, especially the negative emotion of rage, for that is what the "other" fed on, but even he sometimes let his emotions get the better of him. The explosion of the portal almost knocked the druid off his feet, somehow he managed to stay upright, "What the fel happened." Turning around he saw that the portal was gone, what happened, he wondered, he didn't have a lot of time to contemplate it though as the black tendrils of sha energy started raising the corpses. "Oh, great just what we needed," the cat sprung into action quickly, gaining two of the creature's attention. They came for him, but the druid was too quick for them to catch, "I can hold them off the rest of you should get out of here." The druid sprinted forward past the lead creature, and pounced on the trailing one, he clamped his jaws around it's throat, and ripped it out, gore spraying everywhere. Bearing the creature to the ground he proceeded to rip it apart, just to be sure it didn't get back up.

He sensed the other creature's approach, and leaped away, he had separated himself from the others, but he had all of the creature's attention now. He prepared to fight, and possibly die, but if that was his fate at least he would die protecting the others.
John quickly entered the portal behind Sari. It looked like once he entered the portal, things were set in stone. It was the point of no return. He was a bit reluctant to walk through the portal at first, but once everyone was through and Chromie gave him a glance, he quickly walked into the shimmering window, into this new, unforgiving future.

It was Stormwind, heartland of the Alliance, but it was nothing like he remembered when he would come on occasions. It was dark. The sky was black with lightning crashing down somewhere into the city to light up things a bit. And other than that and a whistling wind, it was silent. The bridge was covered in corpses. In fact, even when John walked through the portal, he was standing on a body.

"Well, gotta know what we're getting into. Know thy enemy… put to the extreme." He said in response to Neltriz as he followed on behind the group. The Trade District was is equal ruin to the bridge, though everything seemed to have a sense of familiarity. It was strange. Regrettably, it seems that the cheese shop was still somewhat intact. "Out of everything destroyed in this place, the building with cheese is untouched." He grumbled as they continued into the center of the district. At the turn of his head, he spotted a corpse of a young guard resting against the wall almost peacefully. His eyes were open, staring endlessly in the single direction. It was chilling. John paused for a moment and walked over to the man and sighed before placing his fingers over his eyes and shutting them closed before returning to the rest of the group.

When he had returned, there was suspicion of them being watched. He kept a close eye on things around the group, being extra wary. Who knows what could be lurking out in the city? And for some odd reason, that thought kept John curious and aware of what's around them. He stuffed his hands in his pockets, as they explored the city, ready to defend himself, and the others should they get attacked.

After everything was explored and explained, Sari gave the word that it was time to go. John nodded quietly and followed, once again, in the back of the group. He was in thought about everything the Sha had done in Stormwind. It was unbelievable. However, John's train of thought was short lived with a rather loud bang within the background. "What the bloody hell was that?" And without an explanation, they were under attack.

Immediately, John was attacked by three sha-twisted corpses. Slowly they moved toward him and John made sure to keep his distance, raising his hands as he prepped for battle. In an instant, his hands were engulfed with fire and aimed at the group of corpses and rather large ball of fire whizzed out of his hands and in front of the group sha, blasting off a few limbs and sending the rest scattered. Behind him, one of the sha attempted to take him off guard, but he quickly slipped behind the form and slammed the back of the being with a blast of fire. Without any enemies coming after him, he shook his hands casually as if he were drying his hands from water, but instead of water, it was fire… you know. That was a bit to easy. Things are never easy.

John began make his way back to the group at a brisk walking pace, intent on assisting them in combat. However, somewhere on the way back, he felt a tug on his ankle. He pulled his foot forward again, but the tug became more of a pull. Something was holding on to him. He yanked his foot again in frustration and it was revealed that a tendril from one of the sha was holding him down. Behind him was a rather large group of corpses, ready to tear up anyone they come in contact with, and he was going to get pulled right into the group. "!@#$…" John lit up his hands once more and began to blast the tendril with fire, but to no avail. Angered, the tendril gave one last pull on John's ankle and he fell on his chest on the floor. In a daze, he looked to where he was being dragged and saw a slowly growing group of sha behind him. He tried to destroy the tentacle with anything he had; fire, ice, even pure magic. Nothing seemed to phase the sha. Remembering most of his group carried some sort of sharp object, he began to resist being pulled to his doom, clawing and grabbing for anything he could to slow down the dragging while he called for help.

"Charming," Neltriz muttered as the cat druid tore one of the animated bodies to numerous red shreds. One of the creatures was beginning to break from the group swarming Sammuroth when Neltriz raised his left hand and a small device shot from his glove, instantly bursting into flame when it hit the animated body.

"Since when did the Sha become the Scourge?" he called out, somewhat rhetorically, as he put his staff back into his left hand and began hurling balls of arcane and nature energy from his right. As he began edging closer to the horde of Sha infested corpses he attempted to summon a trio of treants. "Well this is interesting," he quietly muttered as he found that he was unable to do so. "Well, guess I should go for the old fashioned methods."

He reached a hand into one of his bags and brought out three incendiary explosives. He threw the first two at what remained of the bridge, creating a wall of fire separating the fighters from the innumerable hordes in the city. The last one he was saving. As soon as Sammuroth had broken out of the small horde...

"Hey cat person!" he yelled as he speared a slowly rising corpse with his staff. "Sorry for the unceremonious name, but get out of there!" he finished as he began raising the hand he held his explosive in.
Sammuroth was in a frenzy, his hair was on end, and he was covered in blood, and gore, most of it his enemies, he had willingly let himself go berserk, hoping the increased strength, and speed doing so gave him would give him an edge. It did, his enhanced strength allowed him to rip through the corpses armor, and his speed allowed him to stay one step ahead of them, not that he tried very hard to avoid them. After a few moments the ground aroun the druid was littered with limbs, and the thing that scared the part of the druid that was still sane, was that he wanted more. More blood, more scattered limbs, more fighting, he realized quickly that these thoughts were being produced by the "other." Focusing the sane part of his mind he brought himself out of the berserk state just in time to here his fellow druid warning him to clear away. Quickly the cat roared the sound echoing across the battlefield, and causing the reanimated corpses to hesitate from the shockwave his roar produced. Using the opportunity Sammuroth dashed out of the vicinity, "Whatever you are going to do do it now," he shouted.

He quickly dashed to Sari's side to defend her just in case, "Pardon me m'lady, I am sure you can handle yourself in a fight, but all the same you are our only ticket home, so allow me to keep you safe."
Sari concentrated and poured her power into her hand, extending it towards one of the reanimated soldiers that was coming up behind the worgen druid. She let loose an incredible burst of pure arcane energy. The deadly bolt soared through the air, impacting the sha twisted corpse, causing it to explode into three pieces. No doubt showering the worgen's backside in blood.

"Pardon me m'lady, I am sure you can handle yourself in a fight, but all the same you are our only ticket home, so allow me to keep you safe."

"Very well. The others can deal with whats left on the bridge. I know I heard someone call for help deeper in. One of our group." she said as she ran into the district. She saw John being dragged by a Sha tendril towards a large group of corpses. Thinking quickly she grabbed a discarded weapon and ran up to John. "Hold on!" She said as she brought the weapon down on the tendril.

It split the tendril in two, the other half retracting rather quickly while the part grasping John would shrivel up. "Can you fight? Because I have a very bad feeling." She said as she saw the mob had noticed them. They all stopped, observing them before the Sha energy erupted from them. All taking a new form into a rather large Sha monstrosity. A dark crackle came form its mouth as tendrils coming form its back possessed more corpses. "Ok we kill this thing we kill the reaimated corpses all at once!" Sari said.

"Yes! Feed me your rage!" The Sha crackled.

Sari's features hardened as she let loose a torrent of arcane energy. The Sha stumbled under the assault before regaining its footing. Sari noticed no visible damage to it. Then she saw the energy from the tendrils was not flowing from the Sha to the corpses, but rather to them.

"Destroy the corpses!" Sari shouted as she Sha charged at her. This was where this creature was picking the wrong fight. Using her temporal magic she could easily dodge its attacks, moving in almost a blur, but she was unable to attack while manipulating time for herself.
As the cat druid leaped out of the ravenous group of undead. Neltriz gave a small smile as he hurled a round metal object into the heart of the possessed corpses. The orb struck the ground with a quiet clang and as the undead began moving again, it exploded. The Sha zombies were blown apart, most of them losing a few parts from the explosion. What remained of the bodies was writhing on the ground as they began breaking apart into ash.

Suddenly the Bronze Drake gave the command to destroy the bodies. He pulled another few of his incendiary explosives from his bag and threw them to the ground, scorching the numerous bodies into more charred ash. He unleashed a small typhoon, blowing another group of bodies out of the Sha's power range. He kept blasting fire from his glove at the bodies and pulled another few bombs out of his bag.
Sammuroth followed Sari, as she rushed to help the human mage, the deeper he came into the city the more the druid could feel rage welling up inside of him. "So the Sha of Anger huh, too bad, the angry part of me is asleep right now, so you must deal with the deadly part." Sari, got the Sha focused on her, but even though she could easily dodge it's attacks he still couldn't leave her to fight the thing alone. Turning to the recovering human he said, "Use whatever magic you have up your sleeve, we need to eliminate the corpses as quickly as possible, they are feeding energy into the Sha." The druid had also noticed the way the tentacles worked, "I will help Sari distract the Sha," rushing away from the human he caught up to the Sha, and bronze dragon. He noticed a roof perfectly positioned to get him ont the Sha's back, picking up speed the cat gave a mighty leap, landing on the desired rooftop. Pausing only a moment to regain his footing, he dashed forward towards the edge of the roof, roaring as he leaped onto the Sha's back, digging his claws into what passed as the creature's flesh. Using his front claws to stay attached he kicked with his hind legs his claws continuously ripping through the beast's flesh.

The Sha roared in anger, as he tried to dislodge the druid, holding on for dear life he shouted, "Sari now's your chance, attack!" The cat was hanging on for all he was worth, "Don't worry about me I will be fine just hit it with everything you have," he hoped by the time Sari unleashed her attack enough of the corpses would be destroyed to allow her to kill the Sha.
Bodies began to come to some form of life. Twisted into vulgar positions they began to attack. He placed his helmet back on his head. Bringing his sword up, he used his left hand to launch a jagged spear of ice at one of the former living. It screamed through the air and made contact with its hip. Dristis raised his sword and brought it down on its head twice before moving on.

Kicking another zombie against the wall, he drove his sword through its chest and crushed its head into the wall. A mage in the group was dragged off and a small contingent broke off to rescue him. Dristis dispatched another zombie and saw more corpses had reanimated near them. He took off after to help the few with their new friends.

The Death knight dragged the mage and stood between him and the zombies, using shadow tendrils to grab it by the throat and throw it into a wall, moving to engage the others. He blasted ice along the ground in front of the new zombie group to slow them down and distract them why they could focus on individuals.
After the group was whole the portal behind them closed. Leyt'ta wondered if it had been planned, but disregarded the thought as unnecessary. What mattered was the mass of corpses rising from the stone with a strange black substance coating their bodies to form strange weapons. Four gems imbedded in the eyes of the wolf head carvings that made up her shoulder pads, each a different color, began to glow as the tauren's own eyes lit up a light blue color. She drew the maces from her belt and grinned. If they expected me to be without the elements in here, this will surprise them she thought to herself as a small wind current started to flow around the head of the mace in her right hand. Around the other weapon a small stream of fire started to swirl.

As the fight was under way the others in the group began to show why they had been chosen, and Leyt'ta decided that she too would need to prove her worth in combat. Lowering her shoulder she charged forward at a growing mass of the undead monstrosities, barreling the smaller bodies out of the way or crushing any unlucky enough to fall to the ground under her heavy hooves. Once near the central mass of the group the tauren struck out with both weapons, crushing bones and bodies that her weapons connected with. The attack had left a small gap between herself and the undead, granting enough time for her to unleash a powerful fiery 'shock' of elemental power against one to her left. After a few seconds the energies flared out in an explosion, charring any of the risen soldiers within a few yards.

A grin emerged on the shaman's face as she resumed swinging her large maces through the air, the plate armor worn by many of the soldiers near useless against the weight and power the tauren could put into each strike. Claws raked along Leyt'ta's back, causing a yelp of pain before she gave a retaliatory strike to the assailant. Bold as her tactic was, the tauren knew that she would not be able to hold out in the center of the mass of zombie bodies forever. She just hoped that she wouldn't need to call upon the spirits too literally just yet.
John began to feel a sinking feeling in his gut as he was dragged further into the group and no one had came to his aid. That didn't stop him from attempting to prevent the inevitable. "Get… off of my… ankle!" He shouted, smacking the beast with his foot, but to no avail. Just as he was about to accept defeat (kinda), he heard Sari calling out to reassure him. Filled with new hope, John began to claw the ground once more to give Sari more time. Finally, Sari struck the tendril with a sword, severing it from his foot and John slowly got to his feet in a daze. Then the Death Knight had came over to help him out of the fray. "Thanks mate. I owe ya' one." He brushed himself off and glanced to the side, noticing the sha begin to regroup. "Yeah. I can fight. Other than the scratches and bruises, I'm right as rain."

The fight wasn't over yet. In fact, it was just getting started as the Sha began to form into something more menacing. John nodded at Sam's idea. He'd prevent the corpses from fueling the sha while Sari and Sam would battle the sha itself. Simple.

John's hands ignited once more and right off the spot, he dished out a boulder of flame, starting up the fight with flaming corpses. "Let's get cracking." He held out his burning hands towards the mass and a gout of flame began to flow out viciously. The fire was intense, lighting corpses quickly and effectively. It was like he was a human flamethrower. He slowly walked forward, just slow enough so that he could focus his magic. Once he was close enough, he ended the river of fire pouring from hands, but his hands didn't extinguish. He curled his fingers together and his fiery hands began to intensify. He aimed his hands off to the side of the crowd and a wall of fire began to form from the ground. Once it was tall enough, he slowly "pulled" the wave of fire across the mass of corpses, incinerating them to a crisp to anything that was in its way. Looking up to his handy work were a litter of corpses set ablaze. His fire practically lit up the district. Smiling, he went to turn around back to help Sari, but more corpses began to file in. It was as if he didn't put a dent into the corpses. He was exhausted, but he needed to keep them away. His hands lit up once more and began to hold off the fray with whizzing balls of fire. He hoped Sam and Sari could do something about the Sha, because he couldn't keep this up forever.
Karinya walked into her room and collapsed face down on her bed. It had been a long day and she was exhausted after fighting off yet another horde attack on Astranaar.

Several hours later, she awoke, still in her armour, to find a glowing envelope on the table next to her bed. She took one look at it's contents and raced to find her commander. The sentinel took a look at it, saw that the bronze dragonflight was requesting help and agreed on the spot. “Be warned though Karinya, the bronze dragonflight is neutral. There is a chance that you will be running into horde on this mission.”
“I know commander, but as long as there aren't orcs or forsaken I should be ok.”
“Very well. Dismissed.” The commander added with a genuine smile “Elune go with you Kari. Prepare your mind, you may face things no mortal should ever have to see.”

((Time skip to her arriving at the Caverns))

Karinya stood at the entrance to the Caverns and looked inside nervous. Why me? Why was I picked for this? Still, standing here won't get any answers. She approached a bronze drake near the entrance. “I'll be honoured to give you a ride down to Chromie. You're a bit late, the others have gone ahead, but I’m sure she can catch you up to them.”
“Thank you.”
She climbed on the drake's back and relaxed as he glided through the caverns, dropping her in front of a gnome? Surely this wasn't Chromie? Karinya had heard tales of dragons taking human form before, but she'd never heard of one taking the form of a gnome. “Chromie?”
The gnome nodded and smiled. “Come, we have a lot to do to catch you up.” Karinya listened as Chromie told her everything that had been happening and the reason why she sent the letter. “so my first task is to meet up with this group while dodging Sha?' Chromie nodded. “Sha and also killing anything that the sha has corrupted?”
“After that, you move with the group. Your main task, is to help find out why this happened in that timeline so that we can stop it happening in this one.”
Karinya took a deep breath steadying her nerves and nodded. “Got it. Open that portal.”

She stood back and watched as the portal formed, curious about the fact that there was no destination showing in the centre. Guess even Chromie doesn't know exactly where I will end up.

The first thing Karinya saw when she exited the portal and recovered from the dizzying effects, was the ocean. The harbour? No. Near her feet was a fragment of what had once been a stone staircase. The Cathedral? She looked around, though totally destroyed, it seemed she had arrived at what was left of the Cathedral of Stormwind. That was when the stench hit her and she had to fight the urge to vomit. I have to get out of here.

A slight brush of fur against her leg drew her gaze towards her feet. “So you made it through after all. I’m glad about that, I don't think I could face this alone.” She picked her way through the city, careful to avoid stepping on anything that didn't look safe

The stench grew worse as she neared the Trade district, amplified by the presence of bodies and the eerie quiet which had greeted her faded, replaced with the sounds of battle. She broke into a run and as she got closer, she heard the gravelly voice of what she could only assume was the Sha, mingled in with other voices. As she got closer, she saw a large black shape looming over the gates and could feel the rage building inside her. Interesting.

She sprinted the last few hundred yards, the wolf running beside her, her crossbow already loaded and ready to fire, her rage fighting to gain control. The sight as she rounded the last corner and found the group was horrifying. There were corpses everywhere. Some had claws and black oily stuff all over them. The big Sha was in front of her and off to her right was a group of humans, night elves and a tauren. Well, at least it's not an orc. Now how can I get to them without attracting the attention of the thing they are fighting?

The canal attracted her attention and for a moment she considered swimming across to them, but she thought about the pack on her back and how its weight would drag her down under the water. Ok there has to be another way. Forget it, I’ll stay here and join up with them when that thing is dead.

She dropped her pack on the ground to give herself a bit more freedom to move then took aim at some of the reanimated corpses. I'll take those out so the group can focus on the big thing. Just before she released the trigger on her crossbow she added a spell that would cause the bolt to splint into three and carry with it the venom of a viper. As she fired into the corpses, the wolf surged ahead, attacking anything that got in range of his teeth. Karinya smiled then focused on her own targets.

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