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The Sha has roared out in rage. Tendrils grew from its back, lashing at the druid on his back. He was quite enraged that he could not hit that wretched human that while she was still evading his blows, she was noticeably beginning to slow down. “Pressing your limit I see!” The sha roared out. He paused as the last corpse feeding him energy was destroyed.

Sari saw him pause. She charged p a powerful arcane blast. Her hands were radiating arcane energy as the Sha suddenly lashed at her with his clawed right hand. Sari gasped as she fired her spell at the beast’s hand in a reaction. The massive blast of energy struck the Sha’s hand, exploding rather violently. The Sha roared out as his hand was vaporized. His other arm coming around as he struck Sari. Her body was sent flying down the street, before she hit the cobblestone walkway and rolled to a stop. She coughed before straining to get herself up, but her arms failed her. Clearly the Sha hit her harder than she thought.

Now the Sha had one arm, no new energy feeding into him and felt his form failing him. This was going to end badly for him, but death was no consequence for one of his kind. They were outside the cycle that bound these mortals.

While the others would dispatch the Sha soon Sari noticed something near her. A temporal disturbance. She could sense it, but lacked the strength to move, so she remained still waiting for the others, or for her strength to return.
Sammuroth continued to assualt the Sha, his attacks not abating, he endured the lashing tendrils as long as he could. Each lash of the tentacle left a light gash the druid having used a spell to make his skin as hard a bark, but he still felt his ribs crack under the assault, and he felt the blow from Sari's spell as it hit the Sha. Finally one of the tendrils wrapped around the druid, and flung him away, causing him to crash to the hard stone ground close to where Sari lay. The druid struggled trying to get to his feet, he somehow managed to get up only to have his legs fail him as he coughed up blood. "Well this isn't good," he said jokingly, blood continuing to leak from his mouth, "are you alright Sari?" He couldn't help the others anymore, not like this they would have to finish off the Sha, he did his best to crawl over to the downed dragon. Shielding her body with his own, just in case the Sha attacked them again, that effort however cause dhim to use the last of his strength, and he passed out. As he lost conciousness he prayed the others could finish off the Sha, before it finished them all off.

The druid watched as darkness filled his vision unable to do anything to stop it, and that thought frustrated him, but he had faith in the others, they would finish the job he and Sari started.
Something odd happened as the tauren smashed through the frail bodies that this 'sha' beast was animating. She heard a voice in the back of her head, urging her to greater fury in combat through anger. Something seemed wrong about the voice, as if it was not the elements but something else entirely. A cut on the leg tore the shaman from her thoughts back into reality as she found herself being piled on by a few zombified guardsmen. With a quick motion she threw the undead men away and climbed up onto the pile of corpses that were starting to pile up under her hooves. The mass was much smaller than before, likely due to the assistance of the others, and what few remained were easily dispatched by a swift strike from her heavy maces.

What truly caught Leyt'ta's attention, however, was the sight of the druid being flung through the air and landing beside the dragon. The beast that they had been combating was heavily injured and looked as if a single man - or tauren - could defeat it now. She looked back at the injured pair and decided her talents would be better suited to making certain they all survived the ordeal, as others would certainly be willing to face the monster.

Heavy footsteps crushed any scattered limbs as Leyt'ta ran over to Sari and Sam. She quickly put away her weapons and pointed a finger on her right hand at the ground. The glow from the blue gem on her armor faded as a small light shot from her pointing finger, colliding with the stone before causing a small totem to rise up and bathe the trio in elemental energies. The healing totem would seal any wounds fairly quickly as it continued to pulse, sending waves out near continuously. She smiled down at the two while standing over them defensively before quietly saying, mostly to herself, "We can't have the only one I can actually talk to die, now can we?"
Karinya took one look at the big sha and swallowed hard. The others around her had done what they could but they all seemed too exhausted or injured to fight any longer. She whistled to to the wolf, then pointed to a spot underneath the seething blackness. Within seconds the wolf was under the sha, using its teeth and claws to rip at anything it could reach.

Karinya loaded her crossbow and took aim, then looked around her one more time. she lowered the weapon and changed her plan. She loaded three bolts with explosive heads into the weapon, aimed and fired. The bolts spread into a triangle shaped pattern and landed in the massive beast's hide, exploding on impact. The sha screamed a loud unearthly wail that echoed off the buildings.

As one last measure, to ensure that the beast truly died, Karinya uncliped a single chakram from her belt and threw it towards where she guessed the thing's neck would be. The flying disc flew true and deadly slicing into the hide and silencing the screams. The chakram looped around and returned to her hand, allowing her to catch it while the creature slowly dissolved into a large pool of black oily goo.
The Sha lay dead, its body slowly loosing form. Sari lay next to Sammuroth, her arm broken and ribs probably the same. The healing totem that the shaman placed was helping for sure, but she would need more healing to fix her broken limb. She gasped in pain as she struggled to her feet. Looking over the group she saw the night elf ranger that was clearly not with the group at the begining of this. From what Sari could gather she must have joined in.

"Hello." She said walking towards the ranger, her right arm holding her broken left. "I am Sari. I assume that Chromie sent you? Good. I am glad to see that you arrived. Still less than half of the people we summoned arrived. That disappoints me. As soon as my arm here gets fixed I will attempt to open the temporal disturbance that I sensed nearby." She said while taking a seat on a chair that was remarkably undamaged by the ruins. She refused to take her true form while injured like this, the transformation could possibly cause even more damage to her body.
"Hello." The woman said, walking towards the ranger, holding her broken left arm. "I am Sari. I assume that Chromie sent you? Good. I am glad to see that you arrived. Still less than half of the people we summoned arrived. That disappoints me. As soon as my arm here gets fixed I will attempt to open the temporal disturbance that I sensed nearby."

Sari sat on a chair that was undamaged by the chaos around them. She seemed to be in great pain, and although she wasn't a healer, Karinya could do something to help. She took a large square bandage out of her pack and folded it in half diagonally. "My name's Karinya and yes Chromie did send me. I got here just in time from the looks of it. Your healers are busy tending to the more seriously wounded, but I can place a sling on your arm to support it and help ease the pain. May I?"
Leyt'ta watched the human as he looked over the elven druid. He made gestures for her to come forward, and she obliged. The man continued making gestures in the air, as if trying to communicate without words. His hands moved from the feline's chest to his own before motioning as if he was snapping branches. "Broke? Inside broke," she responded in broken common, hoping to have used the right words. It made sense, as there must have been great force for an attack to send the elf soaring such a distance through the air.

The shaman recalled the spirit within the totem back to her armor before trying to gently push the human out of her way. If the bones inside were indeed broken she would need to know which ones or more damage could be done attempting to mend them. Her large hand pushed lightly on several spots of the feline's chest, testing for any sign of breakage before fully pressing both hands into the druid's fur. The tauren's eyes drifted closed as she set her mind to the task of guiding the bones into their original positions, the spirit of earth gently moving them. It was slow, but had worked before and she didn't have the sounds of battle as a distraction anymore. After several minutes of internal movement Leyt'ta shifted her focus to sealing the cracks and any internal wounds the moved bones had caused, this time using the spirit of water to encourage the druid's body to rapidly repair as if cleansing waters were washing away the damage.

Finally convinced that everything she could do was now complete, the shaman turned her attention to Sari, calling out in fluent orcish, "Are you needing any healing as well? I think I've got all the bones set in the cat's body."
Sammuroth chuckled at the tauren's comment, the action making him wince in pain, though the totem was helping it wasn't quite strong enough to mend his broken bones. He heard the Sha's death cry, and nodded in satisfaction, though he knew it wasn't over by a longshot. After the battle they set about fixing up both the cat, and Sari, luckily it seemed she hadn't been injured too severely, the cat on the other hand, had some broken ribs, which wouldn't allow him to move without risk of puncturing a lung, or worse his heart. The human priest set about tending to his outer wounds, calling the tauren over, when he noticed the borken ribs, the priest used his magic to ease the pain the druid had, as the shaman set about finding the fractures. A little while later, the druid could tell that he was mended, at least well enough to get up, and he did so gingerly, testing his range of movement. He turned to the human priest, "Thank you for your help," he said, the tauren was asking Sari if she need any healing as well. Walking over to the woman he said in taurahe, "Thank you, I owe you my life," he bowed deeply in gratitude.

Turning to Sari he asked, "So what's the next step, we shouldn't linger here too long I doubt we have seen the last of the Sha."
Things were beginning to look hopeless for the group. Sari had been injured, as well as Sam and it seems that John was just about to become overwhelmed. The massive balls of fire began to shrink in power and size each time they were cast and the fires that swarmed the corpses began to diminish. John slowly began to back away from the corpses as they approached him, occasionally sending out blasts of fire. They soon became very painful to cast, and his vision began to blur as he began to show signs of passing out. He backed up once more, casting a final ball of fire before collapsing to his knees, exhausted. The creatures had caught up to him, ready to lay the coup de grâce.

However, just before that could happen, there was a loud, penetrating roar that came from the sha behind him. Looking over his shoulder to see what had happened, the Sha had begun to evaporate into the air, defeated by an unknown person. John looked back over to see that the corpses that had been animated by the Sha had fallen to the ground, dead (again). "Looks like… my head got out of the guillotine again." And with that, he fell over unconscious, exhausted from the fight.
Sari grunted as the night elf placed her arm in a sling. She would have preferred it to be healed, but the druid took priority as his injuries were in a much more threatening location. She simply sat and listened to everyone. The she heard it. A pulsing in the back of her mind. The temporal disturbance. She could feel it. It was so close to them.

"Are you needing any healing as well? I think I've got all the bones set in the cat's body."

"Yes my arm is broken, and my ribs feel quite bad. The Sha packed quite the punch. This body isn't as durable as my natural form." She replied to the Tauren in orcish.

She stood to her feet. Her side felt like it was on fire, but she had to press herself onward. Then sh heard it.

“The End time… little bronze wyrm. That is what they call it; the day with no tomorrow. The arrogance of mortals finally caught up with them. The Horde and Alliance were at each other’s throats… until the very end. They saw nothing but hate, and in the end hate consumed them all.”

Sari froze. That voice was the voice of an infinite dragon. That means that Chromie had just been here, and left back for the present to begin recruiting the heroes here with her now.

Above them the great infinite dragon flew high above, not pausing or even realizing their presence. The dragon then vanished into the timeways.

Sari looked at the others then limped her way to the temporal disturbance. It was a small shimmer, invisible to mortal eyes, but not to a bronze. Using her right hand she channeled magic into it. The disturbance was only voices but voices that struck hard and true.

“Warchief! The Alliance and rebels have begun their assault! The ramparts have taken heavy losses! I fear we do not have the forces to hold them off forever! King Varian leads their forces!” An orcish voice came.

“Damnable human filth! I want anyone able to wield a blade on the front line! Get the Dire Orcs into battle!” Came the voice of Warchief Garrosh Helscream.

“Warchief.” Came a new voice, ladled with time twisted echos of itself, one of the infinite’s voices. “Allow us to aid you. Add our forces to your own and victory will be yours. Everlasting victory.”

The disturbance then collapsed. Sari turned to the others. “This is what we were looking for. It appears that we will need to head to Orgrimmar for our next clues.” She said. She turned to the Leyt'ta “If you could heal my injuries I would be grateful. We also need to get our mage up again.” She said pointing at John.
Leyt'ta nodded at Sammuroth, "You owe me nothing, as it was the least I could do for the one who protected our guide," she said with a smile. But it seemed more attention would be required in of her healing arts, this time for their guide. The dragon had revealed their next destination to be the city of Orgrimmar and requested her wounds to be tended. A grimace crossed the tauren's face as she realized that time was not their ally in this place, and that a less gentle method would have to be used on the arm to save what precious moments she could. She took hold of the dragon's broken arm and spoke quietly, muscles tensed in anticipation of what she would have to do now, "You're not going to enjoy this, but I think we are low on time. Brace yourself for the count of three. One.... two..." After saying 'two' the shaman made a quick jerking motion to snap the dragon's arm back into place. "Three."

Once the bone was set she closed her eyes and repeated the process of healing that had been so successful with the druid moments earlier. It did not seem as if the internal injuries were quite as bad as she might've suspected, but they still took several minutes to mend. Once finished with the healing the tauren breathed a heavy sigh, a great deal of energy had been used up very quickly trying to bring the others up to fighting strength.

Opening her eyes once again the shaman looked at the mage human who was sprawled out on the ground, unconscious. She no longer had the strength to revive him, but he looked light enough to carry for some time. The tauren walked over to the man's body before lifting him up to carry him in her arms. Her attention returned to Sari before she spoke aloud, "We may need to rest up before we make it to Orgrimmar. I think many of us may have overdone it during this little skirmish."
Karinya stepped back from Sari and smiled. Although she had tried to be as gentle as possible, the process of putting a sling on a broken arm could be very painful and Sari had taken it well, with only a grunt to show that she was in pain.

She looked looked around at the group, saw that her initial assessment of them was accurate. They were severely exhausted from the fight and some were also badly injured. A small shudder of dread went through her as she thought about what could have happened if she had been any later in her arrival.

"If we're going through a portal I'd suggest resting and being prepared for something worse... even if there's nothing there." One of the group, a male, voiced the exact thought she had been thinking. She spoke up, not entirely sure if anyone would listen to her. “If I remember correctly, Goldshire is not far from here. If the inn is still standing, we can use it as a place to let our wounded rest and regain their strength.”
Sari let out a cry of pain as the shaman set her broken bone at the count of two instead of three. She made a mental note to remember than later on in case the situation would ever be reversed.
“I would not risk traveling to Goldshire, the entire forest is consumed by Sha energy. Something happened that scarred the entire region. Rest up here for now.” She said.
After she was healed she would allow the others to rest before speaking again. "Ok I will create a portal to Durotar. Seeing as how we don't know what is at Orgrimmar I think it will be safer to arrive outside of the city." She said before standing to her feet and looking at the others. They should be good after resting for a bit. Thankfully there was no Sha activity currently, even the sky seemed brighter, although dark clouds still blocked out the sun.

Sari channeled her power into a small shimmer. It grew into a full sized portal to Durotar. If she had calculated it right it would be right outside of Orgrimmar. When the portal was established she would wait for everyone else to go through before she herself went.

Durotar, it was similar to Stormwind, but one main difference. There were fires burning in Orgrimmar. The sounds of activity was coming from the city, what it was, was unknowable to the group, but it sounded very not good. Thankfully there was no real activity near where the group would be. Sari looked at the others and said “Rest up a minute before we find a way into Orgrimmar.” She said.

She looked out from their rocky outcropping that protected them from view of all but the most meddlesome of people. She gave a cautious look and saw what looked like a graveyard of war. Dead soldiers here, like at Stormwind, they had fallen and were left to rot. Tattered banners of the Alliance were scattered on the ground. Siege weapons lay scattered and ruined; quite a hole was in Orgrimmar’s main wall. The Alliance had managed to break the wall, so how did they lose the battle? Sari thought to herself. “Be very careful.” She said. The Sky was dark like Stormwind’s was.
"Don't kill him! I'd like to speak with him first." A worgen armed in bulky plate sheathed his axes onto his back as he walked up to John who was on his knees, exhausted and defeated from the recent fight. "This is it? No more struggling to escape your fate? Tsk… all of that money I invested into you was a waste…" He stopped in front of John. "You could have been something great! A champion for the Anders family! But you wanted to waste your talents on running around… pretending you're some hero. You're nothing but disgrace. Good bye, my son." The worgen let out a grumbled sigh, turning around past the crowd of armed men. "Kill him." Swords were unsheathed and bows were drawn. Just as the first arrow had flown through the air, John had woken up from his dream, back into the world of reality.

He had been over the shoulder of the tauren; his face smacking onto the back of the woman. John was still kind of in a blur, but his head bouncing off the tauren was helping him overcome the daze of just waking up. He picked up his head to look where they were, reaching up to rub his eyes. They were in Durotar, homeland to the orcs and trolls. It was hot, dark, and bugs kept biting at him to which he would swat at. He looked up to the sky, noticing the startling sight from the city. Could it be that the Sha had come to these parts already? John huffed a bit before he tapped on the tauren's side.

"Excuse me. I need to be let down. I'm awake now. Just drop me down there… but not really hard! Like… gently… like you would a baby." He spoke to her, regardless of her skill in common. She'd probably figure it out after realizing he was awake.
Karinya stepped through the portal to the same dark skies she had left in Stormwind, except, instead of the remains of a forest, she saw the red rock and desert sands of Durotar. “This looks like Stormwind did.”

Karinya picked her way over to one of the alliance siege weapons. The huge weapon was mostly intact, with large areas of scorched wood, mainly centred over the area where the gunner would have been. She whistled to her wolf who was sniffing around the bodies on the ground. The wolf sped over to her and rested his head under her hand. The sentinel pointed to the siege weapon and spoke just one word. “Search.”

The wolf circled the weapon, nose to the ground, then climbed up on it smelling every inch, his tail wagging. The wolf was clearly enjoying the game. Karinya watched for any change in his behaviour that would indicate he found something. Nothing. She moved on to another siege weapon. Again nothing. Each siege weapon they examined brought no reaction from Ghost. “Damn.” She stood, braced herself and tapped her chest. “Up.” The wolf stood on his back legs and rested his front paws on her. Karinya ruffled the fur of the wolf and told him what a good boy he was.

“Come on boy, let's go tell them what we didn't find.” They made their way to the rest of the group, stopping to pick up a journal that Karinya found a little way from the siege weapons. “Sari, I found a journal and something else.” She took a deep breath and watched Sari's face for, something, she didn't exactly know what. “Normally, if a flaming arrow lands on a siege weapon, Ghost can pick up the smell of the oil or fuel used to create the fire. This time., he didn't. There is only one scenario where I've failed to find a fuel scent with wolf. An airborne attacker that is capable of breathing fire, such as a dragonhawk or dragon. My gut is saying dragon, but I can't rule out dragonhawks either.”
Sammuroth was good to go, he was not the biggest fan of Durotar, it was mainly the lack of trees, and grass, but the heat didn't help things either.After he had stepped through the portal he was greeted with a similar sight to Stormwind, but like Sari he immediately noticed that fires were burning in the city. Are there actually people still living here, he wondered, how anyone could live under such a dark sky was beyond him, the most likely scenario here was that the people of Orgrimmar have become the puppets of the Sha. It would be unwise to venture into the city without more information, with this thought in mind he walked over to Sari. "Excuse me, I do not think it would be wise for us to enter the city without more intel, I could scout ahead into the city while the rest of you wait here, if you want. I can travel undetected, assuming there are no Infinite Dragons in there," it was a risky plan he could be captured, or worse. Still it was something he believed was neccessary for the sake of the team, and the mission, he would leave the decision up to their escort however, he only hoped she would see the wisdom of his plan.
“Sari, I found a journal and something else.” She took a deep breath and watched Sari's face for, something, she didn't exactly know what. “Normally, if a flaming arrow lands on a siege weapon, Ghost can pick up the smell of the oil or fuel used to create the fire. This time, he didn't. There is only one scenario where I've failed to find a fuel scent with wolf. An airborne attacker that is capable of breathing fire, such as a dragonhawk or dragon. My gut is saying dragon, but I can't rule out dragonhawks either.”

Sari took the journal. She was mixed with concern about what could have caused the fires. Dragons? No dragon would willingly serve Garrosh, not even the infinites, they don’t serve they use others to their own ends “Thank you for the journal. I hope it will contain what we need to find out what happened here.” She said with a sigh. “I think it best to be prepared in case we may face dragons, or worse. Sha corrupted Dragons.

"Excuse me, I do not think it would be wise for us to enter the city without more intel, I could scout ahead into the city while the rest of you wait here, if you want. I can travel undetected, assuming there are no Infinite Dragons in there,"

“I know it is dangerous, but if you could find out what is going on inside of Orgrimmar that would be great.” She said with a smile. It was hard to smile right now, but she had to remain strong. She couldn’t let herself or the others give in to doubt or despair.

Inside of Orgrimmar was active. Orcs, only orcs were busying themselves with their daily lives as peons were working to rebuild the great hole in the wall. Every orc was very pale, almost white in color. Kor’kron Soldiers stood at every gate and cross road. The scars of battle were evident from the damage the Valley of Strength had sustained.

Everywhere there were skulls on pikes, and the civilians lived in fear under the Kor’kron’s watchful eye. It was unknown if the Warchief was still residing in Grommosh Hold, or if he had moved, as the hold had suffered significant damage as well.

Sari opened the journal and read one of the last recordings in it, she read aloud.

“The siege goes well; Vol’jin and his rebels distracted the Kor’kron long enough for the full might of the alliance to arrive! Now as Lady Proudmore helps to bring down the wall of Orgrimmar our troops prepare for the final battle. By the Light, this war might finally be over. I will keep writing down what happens as the siege progresses. As a historian I know the value of making sure what happens is able to be told long after we are gone. Let us hope the lessons of the past are not forgotten this time. Far too many have died in this war.”

She skipped a page or two and read the last entry.

“How could this have happened?! Garrosh! He somehow is using the Mogu’s flesh shapping magic with the pure essence of the Sha to create abominations! One of them just turned an entire squad of soldiers to ashes before destroying many of our siege weapons! Worse of all there is talk that King Varian was severely injured in a fight with Garrosh, Vol’jin is confirmed to be dead and Jaina is barely clinging to life. How could one orc take down three of the strongest people on the planet! They are coming again…”

Sari closed the journal with a sigh. “Garrosh has gone too far, but this pure essence of the Sha, where did he get such an essence from?” she pondered. It would be their next goal. To find the source of the purest darkness.
As Neltriz stepped through the second time portal, he instantly revised his theory about the Stormwind he had just left. He had thought that it would be the most hellish place he would see. However, Orgrimmar was about the same. The place was littered with bodies and the sky had the same dead blackness as Stormwind. The major differences between the cities were the siege wagons and the obvious fact that they were different cities.

He reloaded the incendiary gun in his glove as everyone scanned the area. As the Hunter returned from her short scout trip he listened to the report she gave to the dragon. As the cat druid requested to scout the city, Neltriz spoke up.

"I'd like to scout the area from above," he began as the cat moved off into the ruins. "I'm just going to guess I'm the only one who can fly inconspicuously. No offense Sari, but I'm assuming people would notice a large Bronze Dragon a little more than a large raven."

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