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As John was let down on to his feet once again, he finally took in the area around him. They were on the outskirts of Orgrimmar, the city of orcs. John sighed, still distracted by the fact his good clothes had gotten dirt on them from the ground. "I don't know why I couldn't just change clothes before I decided to go on this merry little adventure. I've got no bloody clue how I'm going to get business with this… this grass stain in my sleeve." He looked up to the group around him. "Assuming there'll be a future, I mean." He smiled, trying his best to keep a "positive" outlook on things.

He listened up to Sari, crossing his arms as he pondered deeply on what could have happened to the burning city behind them. It was obvious that the Sha was behind this, but the question at hand was how Garrosh was able to manipulate it and cause such destruction? "No use just standing around, I think. If we're going to find out where he got the goods from, I suggest we get a move on things." He looked over to the city. Infiltrating the city with what little they had was next to impossible and John really doubted they could just sneak around the city. "I suppose we could use barrels…" He shook his head. Barrels? That's just childish. He began to remember what he learned while tinkering with some spell books he found during his misadventures. He closed his eyes and began to flip through his memories, rewinding back to a time he was in the libraries of Dalaran. He remembered studying a book of illusionary spells and a more efficient way to channel the infamous invisibility spell. Maybe he could somehow modify the spell? He opened his eyes, an idea finally formed on how they can get around the city. "Back in Dalaran, I recall studying a book going on about a spell that creates a sort of shroud around the caster and anyone within the shroud will be invisible to the naked eye. The problem with it, is that the spell would be highly taxing on the caster, being me, and we would have to stop at several check points so I could rest lest I risk… you know… combusting. Another problem would be that I'd only be able to take two of you. The spell would likely have diminishing returns with each user, meaning the invisibility aspect would be rather weak if I were to transport more than two." He looked around, watching as Sam headed off into the city. He would, of course, have to wait for the scouting to be finished. "Sam, if you would while you're in there, be mindful of abandoned areas where I could rest for awhile should this plan go into action. Try to find points that are about two-hundred to three-hundred meters apart." He nodded, allowing him to run off. John quickly turned back to Sari. "Unless, of course, you've got a better idea. Personally, I like my hands unflayed." He looked around Durotar, sighing as he looked off into the distance. Things really were getting heated.
Sammuroth nodded, "I will scout ahead, and bring back anything that could be of import, and I will keep my eyes open for an area like you described my magically inclined friend." With those parting words Sammuroth faded from sight, and began the trek to the gates of Orgrimmar, luckily they were open, so getting inside was not a problem. The color of the orcs made him cringe he assumed it was due to a Sha's influence, which one he could not be sure, the more important question was how did Orgrimmar survive such a large attack. The most obvious theory was the Infinite Flight had a hand in the Alliance's defeat, but perhaps he could find something that would confirm or deny that theory. The majority of the people were preoccupied with the walls repair, the most anyone knew of him was a slight brush of air, which they shrugged off. He had found a place close enough to John's specifications, and he made a mental not of it so he could tell the mage when he returned. Now came the hard part sneaking into Grommosh Hold would be near impossible for the average spy, luckily Sammuroth Stormfury was far from average. Using subtle misdirection he got the guards away from the door long enough so he could sneak in, the place smelled of sweat, and blood.

He saw no sign of Garrosh, but he wasn't optimistic enough to believe he wasn't somewhere in Orgrimmar, but him not being here was a stroke of luck for the druid. He had free reign to lightly rummage through papers, he found what he believed to be troop movement orders, as well as a journal of some sort. He didn't know who it belonged to, but if it was in the Hold it had to belong to someone close enough to Garrosh, that the journal could contain intel on what happened. He grabbed everything he could, before he returned the way he came, the guards none the wiser, he made his way back through the city. He reached the gate, and exited Orgrimmar, he didn't break his stealth until he was safely back to his allies. " I found a place like you specified, it wasn't too hard, most everyone is working around the wall," he quickly explained to John where the space he had found was. Turning to Sari he said, "I found some things that could prove useful, some troop movements, and a journal, Garrosh was not in Grommosh Hold, I don't know where he might be. Getting everyone in could prove to be problematic, unless you are gonna port us in, nearly every living soul is working on repairing the wall, the orcs are all a strange whitish color. They look like ghosts, and it seems the Kor'kron are still in charge, so Garrosh is definitely around somewhere, I will leave you to peruse what I found, I need to rest."

Saying that the cat lay down where he stood, and closed his eyes, making sure his senses were attuned to the world around him, so he would be alerted should anyone approach.
A soft breeze found its way through Ashenvale as a thin lair of what seemed to be fog slowly moved into the forest with the setting sun. Once night had fully taken over the forest, a small camp fire could be seen and the figure of a female bloodelf rouge that sat beside it. Her emerald green eyes peered into the dancing flames that gave off an aura of warmth. Not far from where the rouge had positioned herself, a large Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher rested its head upon the ground and kept watch for the rouge while she rested.

Even though Ashenvale was Alliance territory, she found great comfort and peace from within its extensively lush forests. Not long after, the rouge would set up a sleeping bag inside of a small one person sized tent. Once the tent was fully pitched, she made her way inside and slid into the sleeping bag, cuddling up with a soft blue blanket she brought with her at all times. The large Frostbrood exhaled deeply onto the fire that she had been sitting near before it silently went out, leaving no smoke trail or any sign of their presence. The drake then laid down in front of the rouges tent, keeping guard over her as she slept.

Hours would pass with only the soothing sounds that came from the forest, before a letter would appear next to the rouges bed with a rather loud pop. The rouges drake quickly reared up and stood in a defensive stance, scanning the area around him and his master. The rouges ears quickly flicked back at the sound and within seconds, she was out of her bed with weapons drawn. It didn’t take long for her to find the letter that was placed ever so neatly next to her bed. She raised an eyebrow before bending down and picking up the letter before opening it with one of her daggers.

“Greetings Solares. Your aid is critical; you are required in a matter of grave importance to meet at the Caverns of time. All will be explained upon your arrival. I apologize for the shortness of this letter, but the dire nature of the matter makes giving too much information a danger.”

As Solares’s eyes scanned over her letter, the large drake named Orion poked his head into the tent before nudging her lightly with its nose. “We need to fly to the caverns of time immediately Orion.” Said Solares before she quickly started to pack up her equipment. Within minutes, her gear was packed and she was on the back of her drake, flying to the caverns of time. Orion landed gracefully at the entrance of the caverns, his rider unlatched herself from his harness and jumped off onto the ground below where she waited for Chromie.
“This is bad.” Sari said. “I will inform Chromie of our current situation.” She said to the group before taking out a small hourglass shaped device. She pressed the center of it and it began to shimmer with temporal energy. “Chromie can you hear me?” She asked.

Before not too long Chromie’s voice came through the device. Sari quickly updated Chromie on the current situation that the group was in and how this mystery kept getting more and more tangled. “Thank you for informing me on your changed location Sari, another has arrived, might be the last of those coming. I will send her to you.” She said. Sari nodded.

Chromie walked up to Solares “Greetings.” She said. “You’re quite a bit late, the others have already gone ahead.” Chromie said. She proceeded to fill Solares in on the details of the future and what the others had discovered so far. If the blood elf would want to still go along to the others and try to save the future Chromie would create a portal to Sari and the group.

Sammuroth then returned with a journal from inside Grommosh hold. She opened it and flipped to the latest entries.

“The might of the Alliance bears down upon us! The traitorous filth has joined them; a mighty army now besieges our great city. Garrosh has something special planned. Thanks to our new allies we have the power to destroy both the rebels and the Alliance! The Dark Heart of Pandaria is ours! The blood of darkness makes our warriors strong! Our new allies give us numbers unending! With them our victory is assured! I remember the demon blood, the haze, the rage and bloodlust that came from and… and the strength that it gave. This blood makes demon blood look like water in comparison. I willingly drink it for our people!

“The Dark Heart of Pandaria.” She pondered to herself. Did Pandaria have a heart? If so why was it so dark… The Sha everywhere. “We need to find the infinites. Destroy them utterly and when they are crying for mercy we force them to tell us what they did.” Sari growled. Her hands clenching into fists.

She let out a breath. “I do have a better Idea by the way.” She said to the mage John. “Watch this.” She said. In a flash of arcane they all appeared to look like orcs, their skin was even paled. “With these disguises we will go into Orgrimmar. “Follow me. We have questions that must be answered. She said. “Our first stop will be the valley of honor. We need to find the infinites and my gut tells me something is disrupting the time ways over in that area.

“Everyone get ready!” She said. She wanted all of them prepared for this.
As Solares waited for Chromie, she leaned against her Drake and glanced around at her surroundings. The caverns of time never ceased to amaze her, so much was always going on with in the caverns walls. As soon as Chromie appeared from the mouth of the cave, the rouge bent down on one knee to be at eye level with her so that the dragon knew she had her full and undivided attention. “You’re quite a bit late; the others have already gone ahead.” Said Chromie before Solares raised an eyebrow. “I received the letter around an hour ago, my apologizes.” Solares poke in a cool, emotionless tone.

Chromie then began to fill her in on all that she had missed; it was quite a large bit of information to take in all at once, not to mention the weight of it all. Once she was done speaking, Solares stood up and lightly rolled her shoulders. “Well…that was unexpected, what is our plan of action from here? I would like to join the rest of the group if that is possible at all.” said Solares in a calm tone of voice. Things seemed to be getting worse and worse for the group, and it seemed they could use as much help as they could get. From within the back of Solares’s head, she thought to herself, “Finely a truly worthwhile assignment.”
Karinya was taken by surprise by a flash of arcane energy that settled over her and transformed her into ... an orc? She looked at her hands again, the skin was pale, but those were definitely orcish hands. Damn it all to the nether! Why did it have to be an orc? Why not some other race of the Horde? She looked around, saw that the others too had been turned into orcs and relaxed a little. At least I'm not the only one that got turned into an orc, I wonder how the others are taking it...

Karinya was trying to get used to the idea of looking like an orc when Sari spoke. “With these disguises we will go into Orgrimmar. Follow me. We have questions that must be answered. Our first stop will be the valley of honor. We need to find the infinites and my gut tells me something is disrupting the time ways over in that area. Everyone get ready!”

We're going into Orgrimmar? I wonder if I'll get a chance to put an arrow or two into Garrosh. That green skinned monster needs to pay for what his armies have done to Ashenvale. Her disappointment when she heard that they would be instead heading for the Valley of Wisdom was great, but they weren't there on a mission of revenge. They were there to find out how the disaster that destroyed Azeroth came to happen and find ways to prevent it.
Jere took a breath, sliding underneath his mechanical bike as he took a spanner in hand, cleaning out the used oil from within it. Although he loved engineering, he hated this part of the job. Star, his pet cat, was asleep ontop of the toolbox, only annoying Jere as he tried to reach for a smaller spanner.

"Jay! We've got trouble!" He heared Jesuin yell, Jere nearly jumping out of his skin as he hit his head against the metal bottom of the Chopper. He cursed loudly, pulling himself out from underneath it as he rubbed his head, glaring at his brother.

Tobias coulden't help but grin at his younger brother's misfortune, before handing him a sealed letter. Jere took it with a swipe, reading though it quickly as he rubbed where he had hit his head.

"Sounds like the infinites are trying to prevent us from ever discovering Pandaria if you ask me." Jere said, folding the letter back up.

"Really? I thought they were going to assassinate Garithos before he could kick the blood elves out of the Alliance."

Jere walked to his armor closet, quickly pulling on his plate armor, grabbing his sword and shield up from their stand as he sheathed them over his back. He also grabbed for "The Diplomat", tossing the large rifle to Jesuin. Jesuin caught it quickly, pulling back on the bult as he saw a cartridge dispense, flashing a wry grin.

"Aww yeah...time to go to work!"

-----------Wibbly-Wobbly-Timey-Wimey stuff-------------

Jere managed to stick the landing with a fair bit of force, taking a knee. Jesuin, however, was less graceful, and stumbled as he landed.

"Light, remind me never to take a portal again." He said, retching against the ground.

Jere blinked a bit, ahead of him he saw a group of strangely pale orcs. He quickly drew his weapons, before realizing that his hands were much larger then normal. He looked to Jesuin, who was also an orc.

"What in the name of the Light is going on here!?"
A thud, louder than normal in the eerie quiet, startling Karinya and almost giving her whiplash as she snapped her head around to see what caused it. She saw two more people had joined their little group and turned to get a better view of them. Both males, and although the disguises prevented their true race from being known, their speech patterns led her to think that if they weren't human, they had at least spent enough time around humans to talk like them.

She smiled, at least she hoped it came out as a smile, as she introduced herself. "I'm Karinya and near the front of the group somewhere," the sentinel blushed a little, ashamed that she had lost track of someone, "is Sari, our leader. We're about to infiltrate Orgimmar to see if we can find any clues to what caused this." She held her hand our and pointed to their surroundings. "These disguises are to help us move about the city without drawing attention."
Jere still seemed horrified by what the orcs looked like now, but he could tell that the one that approached him was friendly at least. He offered a bow, nodding his head to the orc disguised sentinel.

"Jeremiah Stillblade, at your service ma'am." He said in his best common, before turning towards the other group as he approached Sari. He stuck out like a sore thumb, there were no Orcish Paladins.

Jesuin, having gotten over the shock that he had been tuned into an orc, drew "The Diplomat" from its sheath across his back, checking to make sure he had a bullet loaded before turning to his ammo clips he had around his belt. He had his explosive rounds, poison rounds, and even a few razor traps that Jere had given to him earlier. He looked back to his brother, before he realized that his backpack was moving.

"Light Dammit Jere, why did you bring her!?" Jesuin yelled at him, looking as if he would turn the rifle on his brother.
Solares let out a soft sigh before turning around to face Orion, “I will be back in a little while Orion. Go ahead and do as you please until I return.” The rouge motioned with her left hand to the drake before it quickly became airborne and vanished into the distance. Orion would most likely head to a much higher altitude and glide peacefully through the skies until his master called upon him. A strange aura had formed around Solares at this time, and before she could open her mouth to protest or inquire about what was going on, there was a loud snap and a blinding white light. Solares placed her right hand over her eyes to shield them. As quickly as it had started, it was over, and Solares found herself standing on the other end of Kalimdor, near Orgrimmar.

It would appear that the ride over for her was a bit more rough than what the others had experienced. With a dry sounding cough, she spit out a small cloud of dust before brushing herself off lightly with both of her hands. “Well that was fun, at least I didn't land on anything or anyone.” She said to herself before she froze for a couple of seconds and noticed that her form and skin tone had taken on a more…Orcish look. While bending down on one knee and trying to adjust to this new change, she picked up her rifle and quickly checked it over before sliding its strap over her left shoulder and securing it on her back. Once everything was in place, she glanced over at the group that stood in front of her. With a quick bow and what could be mistaken as a smirk, Solares acknowledged the rest of group.
Sammuroth watched as a magical glow surrounded the party, he had to shut his eyes as the glow intensified. When he opened them again before him stood orcs, orcs that were exact copies of the orcs in Orgrimmar. Looking down he noticed he had not changed, a slight twinge of regret passed through him, it would have been nice if he could have regained a humanoid form, even if it was an orc. The druid however, was used to his form at this point, and the thought passed quickly, it appeared that a few others had joined their group though, since they too took on the forms of orcs he couldn't be sure who they were, or what they looked like. Dismissing the thought as a waste of time he spoke, "So what is the plan Sari, we just waltz up to the gates, and hope they don't have some kind of magic to tell who we are? Also if we do get into the city without problems what are we even looking for, I am sure the Infinites have hidden themselves well, so how will we be able to discern their whereabouts?" The cat was not keen on having to reenter the city, and stay hidden, while keeping his group in his sights, the orcs all looked very similar now, and he wasn't sure if he could pick his companions out of a crowd now. This venture was turning out to be more difficult than he had originally believed it would be.
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Jere looked from the group, to his brother, to the city ahead. He took a few steps, having to take a moment to get use to his more bulky orc body, he hoped to the light he wouldn't have to fight in it. He took his gaze from the city, looking to the various siege equipment about them. Part of him couldn't help but wonder if there was anything salvageable from them.

He turned back to Sari, before finally asking a question. "I..umm...miss, I was wondering if we are aware of the Sha's affect on anything mechanical. Will stuff still work, or is it all dead?"

Jesuin's Jeer finally reached his ears, causing him to glare over his shoulder at his brother, momentarily reaching back to press a hand to his backpack. Sam could of possibly sensed the feline presences inside of his bag, slightly panicked from the time travel.
Sari paid the others no real mind they would fall in line of they would be left in this lifeless world. “I have no idea about that.” She replied to one of the new comers as he was inquiring about the potentially sha tainted metal. She marched to the gate like she owned the city. Confidence was radiating from her. She had to show these mortals how things were done, and also show these orcs they were orcs as well.

She walked up to the guards at the gate the two guards signaled for Sari to approach and the three of them began to speak. Sari looked annoyed. “Stay here. Sam move up ahead.” She muttered to the group as she walked up to the guards. There were some words exchanged between the three as eventually one raised a weapon. In an instant Sari had cast quite the spell. Both orcs fell to the ground clutching their heads.

“Leave them be. I just erased their entire memory. Pay them no more heed, our attention is required elsewhere.” She said as she entered the city. Sari kept a good pace, avoiding as many orcs as possible, especially the Kor’kron that watched the citizens like vicious guard dogs.

Sari marched past the Korkron. They would eye over the group of orcs passing through, but not take any action for now. The Kor’kron still eyed them suspiciously. As they would enter the Valley of Honor it was tainted by the Sha. The dirt was black as Sha energy erupted from fissures in the earth. Not a single orc was present in the valley.

Sari looked the area over, when a man came walking towards the group. He was slowly clapping as he spoke out. “Well then, I can see the Bronze Dragonfight finally sent their pets to see what has happened. Dear friends, do not accept the lies of the Bronze Dragonflight. This future. That we are supposedly been trying to force upon you. It is not some barren end time; it is not some alternate reality. This is the true timeline. Welcome to your futures! We infinites are the protectors of the timeline! This is our greatest triumph! The Legion sees Azeroth as a dead world! They will never return here! The surviving races will push on and eventually the Sha will be contained. With the aid of the timelines true guardians we will ensure Azeroth has a future.

If you fight it you condemn Azeroth to another Legion invasion! An invasion none of you would survive. I give you mortals a choice! Join me and protect the true timeline! Or die.” He growled. He was human in shape, but his armor was quite thick. His voice was clearly that of an infinite dragon. His silver glowing eyes radiated from under the helmet he wore.

Sari looked at the others, than at the infinite dragon. She could tell there was a dark truth to his words. She hatted to admit it, but she could almost feel that this was where Azeroth was heading, be it now or sometime in the future. Azeroth was heading for a reckoning.
Jere walked with a slouch, trying to keep himself as orc like as possible. The kor'kron was already unsettling enough, and Jesuin looked as if he was about to blow a gasket and start shooting at random. When they left the orcs and the Orgrimar special forces behind he stood back up straight, before catching sight of the robed figure. He was quick to draw his shiled, reaching from the sword sheathed to his side as the infinite drake, disguised as a human, spoke.

He shook his head, fully drawing the blade as he was quick to get in between the infinite and Sari, he did not want to be stuck here if she somehow got her magic zapped from her.

"You're not going to lay a finger on any of these people Infini-Nut, not if I have anything to say about it." He says in his unhuman orcish voice, raising his shield.

Jesuin was quick to rush forward, quickly unclasping the paladin's pack as he tugged it away. "At least think of your Cat dammit!" He yelled at Jere, but jere ignored him, eyes narrowed on the Infinite.
Sammuroth sighed, as Sari began walking toward the city, he faded from view as he walked, this was not going to go well at all. He appeared to be right, as they were stopped at the gates, obeying his guides command he moved past the guards, and back into the city. He waited patiently by the gate, until his companions arrived, he didn't even want to know how they got through, but he was pretty sure it wasn't completely peaceful. He followed along beside the others, careful to avoid running into anyone, since they couldn't see him he could easily trip one of his companions up. He watched warily, ready to strike in case one of Kor'kron attacked, but they simply just watched the group with suspicion.

This was going better than he had thought, he was sure one of them would have given them away by now, or that would have been stopped, and questioned. They made it to the Valley of Honor, and it was nothing like what the cat remembered, it was completely tainted by the Sha's energy. So the orcs had used the sha's power to overcome the Alliance, he shook his head in disappointment, they were all so blind, he had no doubt unless the war ended this was where Azeroth was headed. The druid had been very vocal in meetings with the Circle, saying they should use their power, and influence to help end the war peacefully, but the others were too concerned with other matters.

This war had forced druid's to fight against one another for faction ties, all except Sammuroth Stormfury, he refused to count himself as a member of the Alliance. He was a druid first and foremost, and it was his duty to help those in need, and to help preserve Azeroth, but if there was any truth to this future, it appeared his order had failed. As the group surveyed the valley, a man appeared, and walked towards them, clapping his hands slowly.

“Well then, I can see the Bronze Dragonfight finally sent their pets to see what has happened. Dear friends, do not accept the lies of the Bronze Dragonflight. This future. That we are supposedly been trying to force upon you. It is not some barren end time; it is not some alternate reality. This is the true timeline. Welcome to your futures! We infinites are the protectors of the timeline! This is our greatest triumph! The Legion sees Azeroth as a dead world! They will never return here! The surviving races will push on and eventually the Sha will be contained. With the aid of the timelines true guardians we will ensure Azeroth has a future.

If you fight it you condemn Azeroth to another Legion invasion! An invasion none of you would survive. I give you mortals a choice! Join me and protect the true timeline! Or die.”

The druid sighed again as he faded back into view, "Well I guess there is no need to stay hidden now, I am sure you knew I was there. I knew you Infinites were idiots, but I just didn't realize how much so, do you really think the Legion won't return here. Eventually as you said Azeroth will rebuild, will become alive again, and the Legion will indeed return, they don't care about whether a world is dead or not, they care only for slaughter, and destruction. In fact I think you are foolish to think they won't still come here to this future, since there are still people alive, all you have done is weakened Azeroth so that the Legion can invade with barely a struggle."

The cat paused a moment to clear his throat, "I also believe this time Sargeras himself may lead the Legion, since his lieutenants have failed time, and time again to take Azeroth. Though I do agree that with or without your help this is the future Azeroth is heading towards, at least until people wake up, and see how foolish the war really is. I also agree that the Legion will return, I am just not as optimistic as you to think that this future will prevent that, frankly if I were Sargeras I would come to Azeroth anyway after all of the resources I poured into trying to conquer it. Even if the Legion does return the peoples of Azeroth will endure, and find a way to beat them back, just like we have the other times they have tried to conquer us."

Sammuroth glared at the obviously diguised dragon, "That has always been the problem with you immortal beings, you think because we are mortal that we are weak. I believe it is our mortality that makes us better beings than you, stronger beings than you, we have endured countless invasions of Azeroth. We have helped stop the Lich King, and Deathwing, things that your kind couldn't do alone, so you tell me who are the weak ones here, because it sure isn't us. Now stop rambling, and fight so we can kill you, because there is not a person here who is going to join you, all that awaits you is death."
Neltriz had grown completely accustomed to his Orcish body by the time the group walked through the gates and were stopped by the disguised Infinite Dragon. Over time he had gotten used to constantly switching between two bodies and it only took a short time to master a third. It took him slightly longer to get over the surprise at their enemy walking straight into their midst.

He grabbed his staff and took a slightly defensive position as Sammuroth gave his speech of defiance. He had begun charging a starfire ball in his hand when a sudden thought struck him. "Wait, I just want to clear something up. Sorry for ruining the big climactic build up there, but, Mr Infinite, did you or did you not take an active part in creating this future? Because if you didn't, than wouldn't we have to leave it untouched no matter how horrid it may be?"

As he waited for the answer he quickly checked to make sure the incendiary launcher in his glove was loaded as he continued to hold the ball of Starfire energy in his hand, just in case a fight did break out.
Jesuin loaded a flachet shell into "The diplomat, aiming the gun at the Infinite's ugly visage.

"Just try and run, I'll blow your bleedin' brains out!" He barked, gun pressed firmly against his shoulder as he kept an eye aimed down the scope, ready to fire at a moment's notice.

He had set the bag down and Star, the cat who was inside, poked her head out. She took one look at the infinite dragon, hissed, before retreating back into the bag. Jere glanced to his cat, momentarily taking his eyes off of the dragon as he looked from the druid who had given the speech, to the worgen who had made what would of normally been a valid point.

Jere was enraged at the worgen, eyes momentarily filled with hatred. How could one of the few the Bronze had called upon almost side with the enemy!? He cursed, clearing his head. This place was starting to get to him.
Karinya followed Sari through Orgrimmar to the Valley of Honour, keeping her eyes pointed forward. She didn't want to see the orcs like this. It wasn't fair. Why should Stormwind be totally devoid of life and yet Orgrimmar still have living residents? What made the orcs better than humans? Why should the orcs survive when humans didn't?

Her thoughts kept rambling around on a similar vein all the way to the Valley of Honour. She was amazed at the way Sari marched past the Kor'kron guards as if she belonged there. Karinya wasn't as confident. The Kor'kron had the reputattion of being the fiercest warriors of the horde for good reason. They were the best of the best and they were nobody's fool. She watched the eyes of the guards and could tell they were suspicious. I hope these disguises hold up.

“If you fight it you condemn Azeroth to another Legion invasion! An invasion none of you would survive. I give you mortals a choice! Join me and protect the true timeline! Or die.” Fantastic, that's all we need. Infinite dragons. She could hear the druid and the paladin challenge the dragon and smiled. She added her voice to the challengers.

“You infinites love to meddle with time and each time you try, mortals stop you. We stopped you when you tried to prevent Thrall from escaping. We stopped you when you tried to kill Medivh and stop him opening the dark portal. We even stopped you when you tried to prevent the culling of Stratholme, and we'll stop you this time as well!”

As she spoke, she loaded her crossbow and readied it to fire. “Here's something you may not know about us mortals. Adversity only makes us stronger. So bring it on.” She raised her crossbow and aimed it directly at the dragon's neck.

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