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Limara nodded with a smile to the woman's words. She was about to speak again when the screeching sound rang in her ears, causing the pain in her head to spike horribly. She knew exactly what caused the sound, and whirled around with her hand on her blade, half-drawn and shadows swirling around her arms and legs. However....she stopped herself.

Given the fact that she was in the presence of not only the leader of the Blue Dragonflight, but also the most powerful mage known to Azeroth, her pulling a blade out against someone else on the same ship would more than likely be the same as signing herself to death. Sighing in frustration that her blade wont taste the woman's blood, she slid the sword back into place. That wasn't all, the woman had the gall to come and attempt to pat her on the shoulder, which Limara wasn't about to have happen.

With swift reflexes of her elven heritage, she caught the woman by the wrist and glared at her with her light azure gaze "You might be right about that...however that doesn't apply when.." she lowered her voice to a whisper "..someone knows how to make it look like an accident...this is your final warning. Cross me again, I will hurt you." With that said, she vanished, shadow stepping to the edge of the ship when Dalaran came into view.

Not going to go into the city with a splitting head ache, she dug into a waist bag and pulled out a small item wrapped in brown paper. Unwrapping this, she revealed a brown pill, which she plopped into her mouth. She cringed at the taste, which reminded the Assassin of rotten mango. Quickly swallowing it, Limara raised her hand to her head and began to rub it, the pain slowly fading.

"There...much better." she muttered under her breath before pulling out her serrated edge blade "Ready when you are!"
"Ok everyone. We have one goal. Get the focusing Iris. We have to make sure that it goes into the right hands. If I know the infinite they will be after it when it becomes vulnerable. Kalec will be going with us to retrieve the artifact.” Sari said looking over the group. The situation was sounding just right for some kind of ambush.

“Yes, no one is more in tune with the Focusing Iris than me. I also know how to disable the defenses that guard it.” He said stepping up next to Sari. “Everyone meet up outside of the Violet citadel in the next 30 minutes.” He said before turning and walking out into Dalaran. Waiting would give the group time to do things before meeting up at the citadel.

Sari followed Kalec through Dalaran. It was obviously not business as usual as the remains of the uncorrupt people of Azeroth. Those of all races were living even in the streets. Guards were stationed everywhere to maintain order. The people looked desperate hoping for a day when Azeroth would no longer be tainted by the evil of the Sha.

Sari walked into the violet citadel curious about its secrets. She had never been in this place before and it was quite fascinating. Kalec went to the vault to retrieve the Iris while she stood in the main atrium.
*Peck* *Peck* The raven hit its beak at Daedras until he eventually woke up. Rubbing his head, a little bit bruised from the constant pecking, he looked at the raven, eyes narrowing and forming an angry face.

The small bird's beak opened and out came humanoid sounds.
"Everyone! We are moving out. Grab your gear and head for the deck." resounded from the bird as if said from Sari. After a bit it continued in another voice.
“Everyone meet up outside of the Violet citadel in the next 30 minutes.” From a male voice, Daedras did not recognize this one.

Shaking the drowsiness from his head, he stared at the small shadowy animal. It tapped its feet 10 times. That meant he had to get to the citadel in 20 minutes.
Looking around he noticed the entrance of the ship. He was a bit hungry.
electing to go searching for food first, he entered the hull. The tables were laid out with food, well mostly, it looked as if people had been eating.
Grabbing a few tidbits he quickly ate and grabbed a few loaves of bread along with some cloth.

Going back to the bench, he picked up his pouch and staff and proceeded to get off the ship.
Everyone else must have gone already.

"Hmmm. So this is the City of Dalaran... I always thought The day I found myself here would be to go sight seeing." He chuckled while walking down the bridge from the ship to the landing.
He looked around. It was as bad as he expected.
What a crappy future I find myself in... the priest thought as he saw small groups of people huddled by walls and under stairs.

Humanity never seems to surprise me..., he shakes his head. While the wealthier groups had homes themselves in this city, the poor refugees had to make do in the streets.
As to be expected.

a small group of children wandered around the walking priest. they looked hungry, and stared.. Drooling... at the loaves of bread he was carrying.
He took a bit off one... and stuffed it into his mouth, enjoying the reactions of the children.
As he finished the loaf, he let out a chuckle and covered one of the loaves in cloth before putting it inside his pouch. He extended his hand and gave the third loaf to the children. they had entertained him sufficiently.

The younglings snatched and quickly ran off. not even thanking the priest.

He turned and went back to his leisure walk towards the citadel. The priest saw even more groups of refugees. Apparently the food stocks were running out and the mages were incapable of conjuring sufficient food for the majority. The priest pondered the thought.

Passing by the famous well, he stopped and grabbed a coin. Hoping it wouldn't alter time and space itself he flicked it into the well. His wish was simple. Getting back to his timeline. Possibly in one piece.

As he turned, he saw the magnificent looking citadel. too bad the circumstances would not allow him to appreciate this city.

As he reached the entrance of the citadel, he noticed some of the members he was transported with... and a few new ones...

Yawning he waved towards them as he made his way through the stairs.
As the Skyfire pulled to a stop at Dalaran, Neltriz was only half listening when Sari proclaimed about 30 minutes of free time. He was still trying to evaluate his fellow travelers.

As the others spread throughout the overcrowded streets, he decided to go to the Wonder Works. It had been about a year since he had last come to Dalaran, and he remembered the toy shop being one of his favorite landmarks. However, as he neared the shop, it too had been converted into a living space. The once bright sign was half hanging from the wall and as he looked into the window he could see it was filled to near bursting with children and parents.

Shaking his head at the sight, he noticed a candy vendor off to the edge of the street, standing among tired and worn refugees. It looked as if nobody had bought anything in quite some time, yet there were a few children looking longingly out of the corners of their eyes.

He walked over to the vendor and handed him fifty gold, telling him to give some to anybody who asked until the gold ran out. Having done his good deed for the day, He grew tired of the ragged sights Dalaran had to offer and wanted somewhere quiet to concentrate. He pulled out a silver plated pocket watch and saw that he still had fifteen minutes until he would have to report to the Violet Citadel. He shifted into the form of a raven and decided to go to the quietest place he could think of in the city and flew to the highest balcony of the tallest tower of the Violet Citadel, where he changed back into his natural form and sat down to wait.
Sari had proclaimed that the group had around thirty extra minuets of free time before they were to meet up outside of the Violet citadel for further orders. Solares pulled her goggles down over her emerald green eyes then made her way over to where the Sunreaver sanctuary use to be. Once inside of the The Filthy Animal Inn, where Solares and her sisters use to converse while being in Dalaran, she noticed it was now empty. All of the furniture had been removed, leaving only the shell of the Inn.

After lighting the fireplace to illuminate the dreary room, the rogue pulled a couple throwing daggers from her belt. She hurled them across the Inn at a small wooden sign, whose figures were now illegible. The blades of the daggers went through the back of the wooden sign, slightly impaling themselves into the wall behind. Hiding emotion was something Solares was talented in. On the outside she seemed calm, cool, and collected.

Though within her mind, she was feeling a mix of emotions and thoughts. "What happens if we get stuck here? What happens to everyone in this timeline when we leave? What happens if we die in this timeline? What happens if we fail? Are there corrupted versions of ourselves out there?" The daggers that Solares threw across the room hit the wooden sign with more force now. The last one she tossed hit the sign so hard that the hilt made contact with the front of it, impaling itself as far as it possibly could.
Comfortably full after a meal from the Skyfire's well stocked kitchen, Karinya found an empty room to catch up on some rest while they travelled to Dalaran. What Azeroth's most powerful mage wanted with the focusing iris was anyone's guess. The sentinel in her was just concerned that it would be for the good of everyone. Stories of how she had kicked the Sunreavers out of Dalaran had reached even Ashenvale. The tellers were split in two camps. One group applauded the mage for finally having the courage to do it. Others questioned whether the made had allowed emotion to control her.

Whichever the reason, Karinya suspected it had actually been a little of both. Anger giving Lady Proudmoore the courage to do something she never would have done if she was calmer. The sentinel's mind kept racing as she tried to rest, eventually giving up the battle just as the ship arrived at Dalaran.

Karinya went on to the main deck and marveled at the city in the clouds. It always amazed her how the city kept floating, high above the continent of Northrend. She was always half expecting it to crash to the ground, but it never did.

Sari gave them half an hour to explore the city and Karinya took ful advantage of that. It broke her heart to see what had become of the city in this timeline. The city in the clouds had become a city of refugees. All races,both horde and alliance, had people represented there. The city had taken on an air of quiet desperation as the faces of the survivors all told of just one hope. The hope that someday they would be able to return to their homes.
Dalaran was so different in this timeline, refugees lined the streets, dirty and malnourished, conjured food only went so far. The druid had finally, and begrudgingly left the Skyfire, he would have preferred to keep his paws off the stone streets of the magical city, but staying on board the ship with the crew, and Jaina displeased him more. The cat jumped from roof to roof, preferring to avoid the people on the streets, "I know Jaina is desperate, but to use the Focusing Iris is insane. That thing is just as liable to make things worse rather than better," Sammuroth knew magic he had grown up with it, so he knew how unstable it could be even in the most experienced hands.

Over the years the druid had begun to believe that perhaps mortals should not be allowed the kind of power the arcane gives, it was just a catastrophe waiting to happen. He continued wandering the rooftops, not realizing he had wandered into the area formerly inhabited by the Sunreavers. The druid finally noticed where he was, and that he was attracting a lot of attention, as people in the streets pointed up at him, and murmurred amongst themselves. Not one for liking a lot of attention the druid went to the backside of the roof he was on, and stealthed, he decided to jump down off the roof, and enter the building, figuring perhaps it was less populated.

He entered the building, The Filthy Animal was the name of the place not that Sammuroth noticed or cared. Still stealthed as he entered the cat continued his mutterings, "Why did they keep the iris here, wouldn't it be safer to keep it away from the magic users, who knows who might turn into the next Kel'Thuzad, or Azshara. The damned thing should have been destroyed to prevent any possible misuse, and I shouldn't have to suffer this damnable place." He growled in frustration, he believed he was alone, so lost in his thoughts that he did not notice the other patron in the building.
Solares walked over to the wooden sign that she had been throwing daggers at for the last fifteen minuets. She pulled the daggers from the sign, each one she removed caused the wood to splinter and crack more and more. With her hands gripped around the daggers hilt that had lodged itself deep into the wooden sign, Solares pulled on it with all her might. A loud pop rang through the Inn as the sign broke in half. "No one is going to miss that..." she thought to herself before sheathing the dagger. Why the refuges where not using the Inn for shelter was confusing. It stood in great shape and was quite spacey, enough room to hold quite a bit of people. Solares shrugged lightly to herself, maybe if she made the room more presentable people would stay in it? The fireplace still had wood in it, that was once place to start. Solares bent down on one knee and placed a small packet of incendiary powder between the logs before igniting it. The room lit up with a brilliant flash of light before the logs quickly caught on fire. Shortly after, the room had a bright, warm glow to it. "This is much more welcoming." Solares nodded her head lightly in approval.
Sammuroth skulked in a corner of the room, continuing his displeased mutterings, he didn't like being on this mission with people he had only just met. He had no idea who he could trust, and who might stab him in the back, he was the type of person to give people the benefit of the doubt, but he wasn't a fool either. Part of him wished he had asked Dalfein to come along, then at least he would know he would have someone he could trust watching his back. The sudden bright light, caused the cat to yelp in surprise, apparently he wasn't alone in this place, he could see a figure illuminated by the firelight, but it was only shadow. He watched the figure, ready to pounce if the need arose, he only hoped whoever it was hadn't heard his embarassing noise. If they had, he hoped they wouldn't be able to find him, he growled low hoping to scare off whoever shared the building with him.
As Sari has walked through the streets of Dalaran she couldn’t help but notice the looks that some of the people gave her as she had walked through the streets. Kalec seemed normal but Sari couldn’t be sure. Things were very strange with what was going on.

In the streets there were soldiers dressed differently than the others. As Sari stood wait for the others she noticed a few of the guards looking at her. Then others began to approach from the outside. She was feeling tense, they were watching her; all of them were watching her. “No… their not normal, not human…” She muttered then a hand grabbed her shoulder.

Sari literally jumped as she turned to see Kalec. “Are you alright?” He asked. She looked back at the guards. They were all normal. Not a single eye was upon her. “Was it all my imagination?” she thought to herself as she looked back to Kalec. “The others should be here soon.” Sari said. She still felt uneasy. Only a few minutes left till they should all be here.

In Dalaran, eyes were watching those displaced in time. Lurking, waiting to strike.
Soalres ears flicked up at the yelp that was quite audible. "What the...." she quickly turned around to search for who or what had made the noise. It was obvious she was not alone, the thought of yelling out who was there in question crossed her mind, but she decided against it. Once on the second floor of the Inn, she pulled down her goggles and switched the night vision on. "Druid, wonder what he is up to." She picked up a small chunk of wood and tossed it near him to get his attention. "What are you doing in here all by yourself?" Asked Solares, she took one step forward towards the druid. The rogue had heard the growl, but had dismissed it, she was ready if the druid tried anything stupid.
Sammuroth kept an eye on the figure, which he had finally descerned was female, by it's feminine looking figure. He watched as she climbed the stairs to the second floor he started to breathe a sigh of relief thinking that maybe she had thought the sound he had made came from upstairs. Well that was a close one, if she knew where I was she would probably throw a dager first, and ask questions later, the thought was not a pleasant one. He was about to lie down to spend the rest of his time in peace, before he had to get to the Violet Citadel, he couldn't wait to get out of this place. His plans were interrupted by a small piece of wood that very nearly hit him, his first thought was that it just fell from the ceiling of the run down building.

That thought was shattered as he heard a voice clearly speaking to him, "What are you doing in here all by yourself?" Looking up towards the voice the cat saw the rogue, up on the balcony of the second floor, and clearly looking right at him. Dammit you let your guard down you stupid feline, he reprimanded himself for his mistake, and seeing no more reason for stealth he let it drop, so people could see him in the normal spectrum. He recognized the voice of the sin'dorei rogue from their group, so he let himself relax a bit, "I could ask you the same question, I am simply trying to endure being in this loathsome city. The best way to do that is avoid the people that live here as much as possible, and find a nice quiet place to rest, the sooner I am out of this city the happier I will be."
Sari had that uneasy feeling again. That feeling that she was being watched. “Everything is ready, all we have to do now is retrieve the Focusing Iris and we can leave.” Kalec said. Sari felt relief come over her. She wanted to get out of here, to get back to the present. She had had enough of this future to last a lifetime. Something still bothered her, the infinite dragon, where or when did he escape to. It was a loose end, and she didn’t like it.

As Kalec went into the vault to secure the Iris events were being set in motion. Three guards entered the Filthy Animal. “Attention all those present! You are to be taken into custody immediately and delivered to the Violet Citadel. Come with us.” The lead guard said.

Five guards approached the Violet Citadel. “Sardormi. So pleased to see you again.” Said an all too familiar voice; the infinite dragon in his human form came from the vault. He had in his hand the Focusing Iris. “By the titans. No!” Sari cried. Kalec lay unconscious in the arcane vault. “I have to thank you. Lady Proudmoore’s defenses were impenetrable, but thanks to you and Kalec the Iris is mine. With it I can do anything.”
The dragon escort, Saridormi looked scared, nervous. She knew something was not right and her face showed it.
Daedras noted this as she entered the Citadel. Trying to enter behind her, he was stopped by the guards.
Why would they stop me? the priest thought. I'm part of the dragons group....

Going back a few steps he shakes his head and stares at the guards, who stare back. A minute or so later, Daedras was still staring at the guards, Completely still.
Annoyed by this, the nearest guard went to shake him and kick him out. His hand passed through and the priest turned to a shadowy mist before dissipating.
All guards took combat positions trying to detect the unknown enemy. The human had just disappeared through some magical mean.

Meanwhile inside the citadel, Daedras moves stealthily, hugging the shadows. his body having taken an almost transparent black tint. Under his breath, he whispered an empowering prayer, he did not know what was ahead, but he would be prepared.

Reaching the Vault's door he sees Saridormi waiting outside. Her expression the same as before, expecting something to happen.

“Sardormi. So pleased to see you again.”
“By the titans. No!”
“I have to thank you. Lady Proudmoore’s defenses were impenetrable, but thanks to you and Kalec the Iris is mine. With it I can do anything.”

Daedras knew that this was his cue. The Infinite Dragon's plan was unclear, but he would not risk it. And he still owed the dragon one from back in Orgrimmar.
Running towards the Vault he held his hand, a small glob of shadowy energy forming, shaping into a raven. It was different, it had white runes in its "plumage"

Slashing forward, the incorporeal bird shot out with incredible speed headed straight towards the Dragon in disguise holding a small object in its hand.

((Should the bird hit, which considering the speed, would be a pretty certain thing, it would embed itself in the Infinite dragon's body and a battle of the minds between the Dragon and the Human would ensue. Daedras' trained mind would give him an advantage over this dragon.

Should Daedras win or should the battle prolong itself, the target's body would drop all it is holding to clutch its head due to reflex actions. This would last a few seconds, as the battle would eventually end.
Should the Dragon win, Daedras would fall unconscious.))

He knew the odds were barely equal. and he would suffer even if he succeeded. But he wanted payback from that bastard from having broken the synapse with one of his ravens as well.
ack! Sorry about the disappearing act))

The Stillblade two remained on the ship for a while longer, before Jesuin had begun to leave.

"Hey, Jes...can I have a word with you?"

"Aye, what's the matter?"

"Is this really is...the future. Do you think that you and I know..."

Jesuin frowned a bit, quickly looking around as he pulled Jere aside. The Paladin, previously full of bravery and Valor, now looked as if he were drowning in despair. Jesuin sat his younger brother down against one of the crates on the deck of the Skyfire.

"you heard what Sari said, this is the Infinites screwing with the timeline. This isn't the real future." Jesuin said, trying to comfort his brother before he lowered his voice. "Is it -that- again?'

Jere swallowed hard, before slowly nodding his head. Jesuin let out a breath, giving Jaden a firm pat on the shoulder. "you sit this one out bro, I'll escort them back."

Jesuin was quick to grab his gear, and make a bee-line for the citadel. He only just got there in time to see the Infinite, with the focusing Irus. "Light no!"

Jesuin opened up a pocket in the front of his shoulder, removing a single depleted Kyperium shell. A shot like this would blow a hole though a five foot thick wall, and Jesuin could only think what it would do to a dragon as he loaded the shot, quickly taking aim as he took a breath in, lining up his shot from afar.
The infinite noticed something flying towards him, a shadowy raven. “What the…” Then it hit him, both figuratively and literally. He grasped his head with one hand and collapsed to a knee. Just as the dragon went to a knee something impacted his shoulder and sent him flying backwards. The Focusing Iris flew from his hand. Sari wasted no time as she rushed to catch the falling sphere.

She stumbled as she caught the Focusing Iris. The infinite dragon stumbled back to his feet in a fit of rage. His left shoulder plate was missing and his shoulder looked quite bloody. He raised his right hand and sent out a massive blast of pure temporal energy.

Sari raised a powerful barrier. She couldn’t feel even a slight drain on her power the focusing iris gave her a near limitless reserve. His attacks taxed her powers greatly, but it was to no avail. With the Focusing Iris she was stronger than him. She noticed the buildup of energy behind her barrier. What was he doing she wondered.

“No more!” He roared as he directed all the built up energy to the wall behind him. It exploded right through to the outside. With Sari’s barrier allowing him to escape unimpeded he ran through the hole. Soon he was his natural form flying above Dalaran. “EVERYONE MUST DIE!” he roared out. He saw his target, the magical field that kept Dalaran suspended in the air.

“PERISH!!!!” He roared as he used his magic to erase the very magic that kept Dalaran in the air. The city fell, and everyone died as it crashed into the ground far below…

Sari snapped back to reality. The Focusing Iris was in her hand, the infinite was preparing his attack. She knew what she had to do. A single barrier would not be enough, this was no ordinary infinite. “I know you. Chromoru. I swear you will not leave this city alive!” She growled. He unleashed his spell, just as he did Sari set up her barrier, but not just in front of him, but all around him.

Chromoru looked as his own energy danced around the inside of the barrier as it closed upon him. “NOOOOOO!” He roared as the barrier collapsed upon him. There was a blinding flash, than nothing at all.

Sari collapsed to the ground, all the strange guards were gone, probably just illusions of the infinite dragon, and he was gone as far as she could tell. Kalec came out from the vault his hand rubbing the back of his head. “What happened?” He asked.

“The infinite dragon flight attacked. We beat them.” Sari answered holding out for him the Focusing Iris. “We should go.” She said aloud. It was time for them all to leave this place.
Neltriz took a quick look at the pocket watch in his hand. He was about three minutes late to meet everybody down at the gate to the Citadel. He was about to change into a raven and fly down to the bottom of the towering spire when he heard a muffled explosion.

"That can't be good," He said to himself as he jumped off the tower. The ground shot towards him with incredible speed. Just before he would have crashed into it, he shifted into a raven, his wings almost snapping off from the force of the fall. He dove at the nearest strange looking guard, yet as he was about to latch onto it with his talons, it vanished. The Bronze Dragon then came out of the Citadel and Neltriz shifted back into his normal form.

"Sorry I'm late," He began, speaking to the disguised drake. "But what just happened?"
Unable to take the heart-wrenching conditions of the refugees any longer, Karinya headed back towards the Violet Citadel. She passed through the city, barely noticing her surroundings until she got near the Citadel and could see some strange looking guards. Something about them had her resting a hand on her belt, next to her chakrams. Even Ghost walked a little closer to his mistress, the fur on the back of his neck standing a little higher.

Just as she approached the steps of the Citadel, something burst into the sky, screaming in pain. she had a brief glimpse of a dragon before it was encased in a bubble of energy and disappeared, taking the strange guards with it. Sari was on the ground. Evidently, she had created the bubble that destroyed the dragon and it appeared to have taxed her greatly.

Karinya watched as Sari handed what could only be the focusing iris over to its guardian, Kalec. “The infinite dragon flight attacked. We beat them.” Sari told him as she used what looked like the last reserves of her strength to hand him the Iris. “We should go.” The sentinel looked at Sari and the others who had arrived at the Citadel. "I couldn't agree more."
The last person Solares expected to meet inside of the old Horde Inn was the druid, Sammuroth. As soon as he came out of stealth, she moved over to him and sat down on the hardwood floor, with legs crossed. “I came in here to see what was left of this place, my friends and I back in our own timeline use to come here and spend hours, talking, drinking, eating, just having a good time. Though all of that changed once…well I shouldn’t have to explain.” Solares paused for a moment before continuing. “You undoubtedly saw me practice with my throwing knifes. I have to keep up practice or fall short of the competition, if you catch my meaning.” It had been at least twenty minutes, and it was time to move on.

“We should head out to meet the others, I rather not be late.” Solares picked herself up off of the ground and stood on her feet. “I understand that none of us are comfortable in this timeline, but we need to stay focused on our task.” The rogue motioned for the druid to follow her out of the Inn and back onto the streets of Dalaran. As she approached the entrance of the Inn, she was stopped by thee guards, “Attention all those present! You are to be taken into custody immediately and delivered to the Violet Citadel. Come with us.” Solares stopped half step as her ears flicked up lightly, “On what grounds are we subject to be taken into custody for? We were heading for the Violet Citadel on orders from Jaina Proudmoore.” If it came to it, she would use one of her evasion tactics to get out of the situation.
Sammuroth nodded, he understood feelings of nostalgia all to often, but his were not pleasant feelings. Stepping fot in Dalaran for example reminded him of all the hell his father, mother, and brother put him through when he was younger. The only member of his family who actually cared about, and protected him was his sister, if it hadn't been for her the druid was not sure he would still be here. As the rogue got to her feet, the cat did the same, and began following her out of the inn, they were stopped short by a trio of guards. “Attention all those present! You are to be taken into custody immediately and delivered to the Violet Citadel. Come with us.”

The druid thought for a moment while the rogue questioned why they were being detained, something wasn't right here. He sniffed the air, and caught the smell of the rogue, and the three guards, and they were not what they appeared to be. Growling the cat took a battle stance, "Be careful my friend they are not who they appear to be, I think we have walked right into a trap."

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