Most ridiculous mechanic your class once had?

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What's something classes once had in the old days that would make you cringe if you had it now? (like hunters using mana, hurricane being the final talent in balance, etc)

I'll start: heroic strike was once activated...on the next melee attack.
I honestly have never found anything with the fire mage to make me cringe. They were easy to play, and fun to play. Even now.

But what I do find extremely tedious and unnerving is the gearing process. And not really the gearing process per say, but winning the correct gear.
Pet twisting and Soulfire weaving.

Pinnacles of wtf?! game design.
heroic strike was once activated...on the next melee attack.

Took me a while to adjust to Shield Slam GENERATING rage instead of consuming it.

I was going to go with the arcane mage talent for boosting armor but then I remembered it actually came in handy when I was running my lowbies through Zul'Farrak and didn't feel like kiting everything. MageTank: GO!

So instead I'd probably go with priests' wand specialization. *shudders*
Shield wall on a 30 minute cooldown.
Edit: I added more.

- A class ability that required herbalism mats.

- Throwing Weapon Specialization.

- Sap wasn't guaranteed to keep you in stealth. Even after blowing 3 talent points you could only get it to a 90% chance.
Priest inner fire gave me attack power (and had charges)
Arcane explosion had cast time. Seal for 30 seconds than judgement took away the seal. Put totem down one at a time. Seal twisting and Totem twisting.
Shamans carried totems in their bags in order to use totem spells. Was a cool concept but took space.
Farming soul shards
Buying ammo on hunters
Healers mainly priests ran out of mana all the time and that lasted through cata. Full boa in shadow and ran out of mana with almost every pull in lower lvl dungeons. They were known as the only class that would run out of mana before lvl 10. Nowdays they never run out of mana at all it seems.
reagents for everything; water walking, water breathing, ankhing
Pet twisting and Soulfire weaving.

Pinnacles of wtf?! game design.

This... so much of this. Demo was hard once.
- Tree form having a passive movement impairing effect.
- The old eclipse mechanic where you could go 20-30 nuke casts without a proc.
Sacrificing a random member of a 5 man group to summon a Doomguard

Kinda miss that actually :/
The way Paladin seals used to be.

....just... ugh...
Where to start...

Hurricane having a cooldown, and being a talent.

Insect Swarm being a resto talent.

Sooth Beast ability (made the beast's aggro radius smaller)

Reagents for battle res was annoying. So little bag space...
I srota miss pally auras. Sure they were useless in cata but it sorta felt like a staple in a pally and felt satisfying activating one.

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