Warrior FC LF 2200+ team

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Warrior FC played upto 2279 as an FC and 2300 in 3's as arms, been playing wow for nearly 9 years, i have seen the top end tier of raiding scoring a small handfull of high ranking end game kills and at one point had 94% of all achievements in the game completed.

im a competant player. i know my class through and through, i have little over 500 days played on my warrior and he has been my main for this entire time. i dont trinket saps, im vocal i have skype and am available every day after 4pm (UTC+10:00) Brisbane, im a dedicated player i dont rage and am a mature person.

im searching for an RBG team that is consistant and mature, who learn from mistakes and strive to achieve hero of the horde / alliance ill faction change to which ever idc.

if you wish to contact me realid me at


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