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Hey guys this is my first post and i have a new class idea. The idea would be a sort of wolf master idea, with the main attribute being able to summon wolves to help u fight.
This is an idea in progress and needs alot of work but i was thinking you could have spells that would do different attacks for your wolfs which would also be like pets as in your could name them and put maybe some different armor types on them. This could mean that when u choose this class to start with you have one wolf and you can edit the looks of it then gradually gain more and repeat the editing process as you unlock the new amounts of wolves to summon. Another idea for the class would be being able to have not only a spec on yourself but a spec on eat separate wolf meaning you can have some tank wolves and some for damage. Ill repeat myself in saying this is a work in progress and i would like if possible blizzard and any other people with idea for this class to post on this thread.
That's what I gathered from this post. Also this belongs on a different thread.
Wat thread? And not a form of a hunter a hole different classmbased entirelly on wolves
needs alot of work .
id prefer a pirate class, harrr har har harrr
id prefer a pirate class, harrr har har harrr

Lol...I see what you did there.

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