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I'm finding when I scroll through specific search results (i.e. epic lvl 90 plate armor, "haunting") the mobile armory locks up and then crashes. I restart the armory app and the search comes up. This seems to be only with specific searches since it works fine all the time with others. This is on the iPhone5 with iOS 6.1.3 but has been happening on earlier versions as well.

I also find the frequency that I need to re-enter my WoW password in the mobile armory is a bit extreme. Adding a password timer selection option would be a nice add.
Sounds like you have a lot of connection issues around the location you typically log into the Mobile Armory from. The Auction House login is nearly indefinite, unless connection is not maintained on the backend or you login from a different source (web, in-game, etc.) while in the Mobile Armory.

The iPhone 5 crash while browsing through an item search is also a similar issue that is typically exacerbated by a mobile connection that has ongoing interruption. I just tried testing the search you mentioned and I was not able to cause the crash until I started to toggle between airplane mode and normal usage.

Can you better describe the scenario where you encounter the crash? Not simply what happened during the crash, but as many particular actions and state transitions as you performed from Mobile Armory login to crash. Also note any idle periods, e.g. logged into the Mobile Armory, locked your phone for a day, returned to the Mobile Armory, etc.
Thanks for responding. The freeze/crash happens no matter where I am and no matter what my connection is (wifi/4G/3G/extended). It usually happens after I have performed a few searched successfully already and sometimes made purchases/sales. When the crash happens, the search returns results, but then the crash occurs when I go to scroll. Again, it's only with certain searches and not others. That leads me to believe it's not a connection issue. Only when I search for lvl 90 epic plate or "haunting" does it occur. No other searches come to mind that make it crash.

Does this help?
Hi - just one more added bit of information. This crash also happens on the same searches on both of our iPad2s. Let me know if you need any additional information.
Hi - just one more added bit of information. This crash also happens on the same searches on both of our iPad2s. Let me know if you need any additional information.

Thanks for all of the information. Difficult to nail down this bug. The specific failure point you mention has not crashed our Mobile Armory builds more than once. We can cause the crash after a focused effort, but it's not always the same scenario for us.

The fact that you can easily reproduce but we cannot is indicative of an issue with data streaming down from the server at different rates and how mobile devices handle this data. We've known about a crash in the Mobile Armory auction house for some time now, but we have not been able to pinpoint any consistent steps.

The Mobile Armory for Android handles this memory issue by force closing the app, but that issue is mainly with the 3D model viewer and occasionally Browse Items. This is considered a limitation of the technology, which improves with your connection speed and device hardware.

Knowing this happens with your second generation iPad is interesting, but that means there's no isolation beyond the operating system. Are they both running 6.1.3?
I just replicated the error and here are the steps I took:

1) Start the mobile armory
2) Click "Buy" - previous search will come up
3) Reset and search for Ghost Iron Ore
4) Reset and search for Titanium Bar
5) Reset and search for Living Steel
6) Reset and search for Blood Spirit
7) Reset and search for Saronite Ore
8) Reset and search again for Blood Spirit
9) Bought Blood Spirit x 4, all separate auctions
10) Reset and search for lvl 90 epic plate. Scroll when search results render and it crashed.

I hope this helps!
Thanks for the specific steps. My team will take a look at this (sometime in the upcoming week) and I'll let you know what we find.

In the meantime, is anyone else experiencing this crash using the above steps on an iOS device running 6.1.3?
With the latest iOS release (and one prior to it) I also have frequent crashes when trying to scroll search results. There is no pattern or specific search criteria that I notice causing it. It could be search queries like epic level 90 items (which is typically only 1-2 pages so not a huge result) or something like flask if the warm sun. It is a frequent occurrence with me and after restarting the app the search pops right back up just fine. It happens on cell data as well as wifi in any cell service location, good or bad so it doesn't seem to be some time of packet issue specific to cellular data transmission.
I have also had this issue occur, usually for me it happens when searching. I have noticed that most often for me it occurs when switching from 'all auctions' to 'buyouts only' quickly after a search, then scrolling. I am running the most recent iOS version on an iPhone 4. It happens on wifi, 3G or extended.
This specific crash should be fixed in the next hotfix build we release. No estimate on the release atm.

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