[H] <Surge> 2/13H Progression Recruiting

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Bumpin' Uglies ;P
No longer looking for a dps because we've disbanded.
What a surprise
What a surprise

Mate, I've never even talked to you in-game and I can tell you're a whiny little !@#$. Every time you post all you achieve is making yourself look like a moron.
I did lol there

Also do some thing about your un-reforged gear... You do know you can have 1.5% cirt just by fixing that? Also that waist just put two 320 crit gems.
17.76% hit chance, what a professional. You tell him, Snowy.

Unsurprised you haven't progressed since we carried you through H Jin'rokh what, two months ago
Are you back on Barth Unbent? Could've sworn to xferred off..
He had to transfer twice to make up for them being 50% off.

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