is there any way to<<<>>>

I want to macro my Exor procs from art of war, to Crusader and Judgement so that if it Procs i don't miss a proc by random stupidity..... lol
You can't perform that kind of decision-making in a macro, no. There are some macros floating around that kind of fake it with some castsequence shenanigans, but they're generally not too effective. Moreover, the explicit design intent for macros is that they shouldn't be able to do your rotation for you, so it's probably best not to rely on such things, since they're liable to stop working whenever Blizzard gets around to noticing/fixing it.
On my Druid I've had rake macro'd into mangle for years now. Nice to not have to worry about the extra keybind.

But IMO Ret's don't really need anything like that. When AoW procs I don't think they can make it any more obvious. Flashing button and the ring around your character. I really enjoy our rot right now.
Can't do it.

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