MasteryvsHaste low ilvl

Cant decide which to stack for 5mans and lfr. I am stacking hit/exp still not capped but I am thinking as I get better gear that will be easier to do. Would I be better off stacking haste or mastery pre raids with almost all my 5mans being pugged?
If you can't hit the hard caps yet I would guess haste would be better. My reasoning is that while some of your HoPo generators may miss, you'll at least be able to use them more often. That would make it less punishing to miss, as opposed to mastery where that extra half second might feel like forever with your face being pounded in.

On the other hand, the extra block you get from mastery would be helpful. Far more than the AM provided by mastery. Off the top of my head I can't think of anywhere in 5mans (normal and heroic) where reducing 55% damage as opposed to 46% would make any difference. Same goes for scenarios. LFR is a different story, but only on certain bosses. I'm thinking Ta'yak, Sha of Fear, Horridon, Ji-kun and Durumu. Maybe some others, but I can't think of any more that'll really chunk you down.

So I'd say if you wanna rely on your AM more go haste, otherwise go mastery.
It's probably better to go with haste. Lower-difficulty content is...well, less difficult, so you're better off going for haste for its extra damage output.

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