Help a bro ret out, strength vs haste gem

I can "upgrade" to Gianttooth Chestplate, Swordhook Slingbelt, Vaultbreaker Greaves, and/or Helmbreaker Medallion spending Valor Points. When I do that I will gain on chest 394 strength, on waist 249 strength, on legs 172 strength, on trinket one 73 strength, and/or on trinket two 131 strength.

Net strength gain after time and VP will be 1019 total.

I lose 1237haste on chest, 866 haste on belt, and 791 haste on legs before regeming or reforging. Ignoring the gem bonuses (I am well beyond hit cap currently, and with a +900 hit chest and -300 hit leg, will till be over hit cap), I can limit the haste loss to -503.

So, assuming no better rolls on loot, would it be better to:

1. Not upgrade (Doubtful)?
2. Upgrade and accept the loss of haste (1019 strength traded for 2894 haste)?
3. Upgrade and ignore the gem bonus given I will still be at hit cap, thus only loosing 503 haste?
4. Do something else?
Medallion's worse than your two current trinkets, though your current trinkets are also pretty bad. Did you recently break you 4pT14? If so, try and get the T14 legs; four-piece is still really good. As you're doing normals in addition to LFR, your weapon enchant will be fine for now, but Pandaren's Step does not stack with PoJ; swap to the haste enchant on your boots or pick up Long Arm instead.

Most of the VP gear this tier is absolute garbage for Ret; neck, ring, cloak, and maybe trink are probably the only decent pieces. Bracers are, point for point, better than anything that drops in LFR, so they may also be worth the investment over any of the other plate items available. Again, with doing reg, don't you dare even consider the VP belt with Jin'rokh on farm since he drops a belt with haste and two sockets - one of which is even yellow!

Your gemming needs a serious rework, too. Over hit cap (unavoidable this early into this tier, with everything and a trinket having hit) and you have a pure hit gem in your helm. Pure hit gems are bad to begin with, but they're even worse when you could have gemmed a hybrid for some of a stat that would actually be useful. Really, you appear to be beyond the point where haste-biased gemming is superior to strength-biased gemming, so lose the Bolds for Fierces where you're matching sockets, pick up Lightning green gems for blue sockets you choose to match (helm and pants, I'd say), and change the Fierce gem in your gloves, shoulders, and sword (basically any socket you choose not to match) to Quick.
Thank you for the reply. I am near Valor Cap, is there anything you would spend it on? It is probably going to be a while before upgrades open back up.
Trinket, if you have the rep; you could actually use the bulk of the expertise on it. Replace Wok.
I am curious... Human with sword, at expertise cap.
I am curious... Human with sword, at expertise cap.

Drop some expertise reforges and get the trinket.
Yes, but you're reforging heavily into expertise to get there, while the trinket would allow you to use that reforging for other things. You wouldn't have to let a bunch of that expertise go to waste over the cap.
At the beginning of this tier, I dropped the WoK (okay, so it was a figurine) for the Talisman, and it was a massive DPS increase, despite putting me over exp cap. Do eet.
Thanks all, and especially Grôgnárd. I did not follow exactly, but I did regem switch out the trinket, it is has made quite a difference!
No prob, man; happy to be of help.

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