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Guild Recruitment
Voided is an endgame 10 man guild looking to push progression on a laid back schedule. We are looking for like-minded raiders who want to dive into heroic content and the new tier ahead of us!
Quick Info
Server: Zul'jin (PVE) - Chicago Datacenter, EST server
Battlegroup: Ruin
Raid Size: 10 man
Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Monday 9:00pm-12:00am
Website: voided.guildzilla.com

About Us
Voided is an established level 25 guild on Zul'jin. The core had moved to Zul'jin during MoP in order to seek a better home and have been raiding together for some time. We are currently running 3 10-man groups all with similar progression and the same goal to push content at a fast pace. We are a laid back group with no drama and wish to keep it that way.

T15 - 6/12N
T14 - 5/16H 16/16N

Current Needs
Priest of any spec in HIGH DEMAND
Balance or Resto druid in HIGH DEMAND
Warlock or Mage in HIGH DEMAND

We are looking for active, solid raiders who will make raids on a regular basis and put in 100% every raid. Recruits should have a solid raiding history and know their class and role inside and out. We want raiders who are more interested in progression than precious purples and know that gear is just a means to an end.

If you feel that you would be a good fit for Voided, please feel free to add my battletag Strukk#1391 or fill out an application on our site and we will contact you as soon as we can. Thank you for your interest in Voided!
<Obnoxious> US Emerald Dream is a tight knit group of raiders looking for more strong players. We started back raiding at the start of ToT and spite having a raid ilvl of 505 we've managed to get 11/12N (Lei Shen on the last phase after 8 pulls) on a 3 day 10 hour a week raid schedule.

Our raiders consist of people who have raided in top 20 and 30 US guilds in WotLK Cata and BC. Some of our achievements consist of various Realm Firsts such as Light of Dawn, Deaths Demise, Grand Crusader and Celestial Defender.

Recruitment needs:

Spriest: High
Boomkin: High
Mage: High


Raid Times:

Wed 8-11 EST
Thurs 8-11 EST
Sun 7-11 EST

Raid environment:
We're a tight knit group of friends and like most guilds we love to joke around but are focused when it's time to raid. We're not interested in people who can't take constructive criticism and can't take a joke or handle a few curse words here and there. We raid on a 10 hour a week schedule so that means very little downtime. We're there to kill bosses. We are a heroic focused guild and are aiming to be a top 10 man as soon as we can. It goes without saying but all enchants, repairs, flasks, potions and feasts will be provided free of charge to members.

Add Avoka#1639 or IMPERIALKING#1737 for more info or ask anyone online in the guild!

We are specifically a 10m. Or contact me in game.
<Mayhem> is a semi/hardcore 25m guild formed during Firelands, which since its formation has taken the server by storm. Our members come from various backgrounds such as pvp guilds to former world ranked guilds. Our main focus in Mayhem is progression, but we accomplish this in a fun environment. If you don't have thick skin or despise crude humor we probably aren't the guild for you.

6/16 H: t 14
9/12N: t 15


Resto Shaman (High)
Priest: Must be able to play both healing specs (Med)
Resto Druid (Med)
Holy Paladin

Boomkin (High)
Mage (High)
Spriest (High)
Feral (High)
Windwalker (Med)
Plate Dps (Med)

Tanks: BM (closed)
Paladin (closed)

Exceptions are made on the classes if we feel that the player is exceptional, and blows us away in the application process.

Raid times are T/W/R 8-11 EST

Loot System: EPGP

Players wishing to apply must be decently geared and must have prior raid experience. Again however, exceptions may be made based on the applicants past raiding experience and exceptionality.

Apply here: http://www.mayhemgarrosh.org/

Or contact any officers in game such as Bullstizz battle tag: (Stizz#1886), Remain or me Gangréne (alt 0233 for é) battle tag: Phobia#1707.
home from work...adding peeps
Hey there, Reckless is looking for a MW Monk and another dps or 2 to finish our roster.

25 man progression:
3/13H ToT
15/16H T14

Our Schedule
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights
8:00 PM - 12AM EST
We will raid until 1AM some nights during progression.

All other info on our guild can be found below.
Battle tag: Narthul#1101

Apply at www.recklessonline.com
thx for interest...found a guild

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