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Hello fellow wow players.. :) i find myself in a bit of a dilemma here so after hours of searching i figured id turn to the once place i might be able to get a good answer. I am in need of a cooldown announcement addon that announces my coolddowns in instance chat. i was using wakespams which was great it told how many targets my fear hit, when i was casting hym ect ect.. but sadly this addon has not been updated for 5.2 and neither has RSA.. so if any of you guys have suggestions i would love to hear them :) Thanks in advance :)
I've recently switched to a more generic addon for this, not just cause most premade announce addons haven't been updated but also cause I occasionally need more than just announces and this takes care of it.
Unfortunately you'll have to set up all of your announces yourself as it doesn't come with premade class modules or anything but it's easy to do and very flexible. Goes far beyond just announcing.

Check the premade examples
and the faq:
Ty so much for the fast response ill head over and check it out :)
lolz not quite to sure if i get it :p could you maybe give me an example of one of your personal announce macros?
OnEvent("Casted","Leap of Fath") THEN Whisper("mouseover"," [spell:Leap of Faith] on you.");
OnEvent("Casting","Divine Hymn") THEN Chat("RAID"," [Divine Hymn] is up");
ok and then i would put these into a /macro that goes on my bars? sorry im not that great at scripting lol
One sec in raid. I'll reply to this after in detail. Sorry lol pulling so check in a few hours or just tomorrow.
There are no macros. You set this up within the addon like any announce addon and then you forget about it. As the script says, addon will check the combat log for when you cast a certain spell, in my case DH or LoF and print an announce automatically.
ok good luck with the raid :)
Edited reply. I'll post more macros/instructions later. Sorry writing between pulls :)
ok so i would just type the script into the edit box and instead if raid i would put instance?
Yes you can put Chat("Instance"," [Divine Hymn] is up");
I didn't bother since I don't usually bother announcing these in random heroics as i don't need to worry about CD stacking but if you wish, use Instance for group/raid.
Ok now I got a bit more time so I'll explain.
It seems complex at first but it really isn't. When you click on IfThen options in interface, it'll open a window. Click on Edit. It shows you the EditBox. This is the stuff that you currently have running. There are premade examples and if you don't want them, you can completely delete them all.

I kept one or two and commented most of the other stuff as I do not need it (you comment it by adding # at the start of the line. That way you keep the examples for if you ever need them but you do not need to run them).

Then you add your stuff. I do not have a lot when it comes to announces. I'll post when I'm able to hop back on.
Once you're done setting up all your stuff, I turn on Minimal option as I don't need the extra memory from help files but that's up to you and that's about it.
again thanks for the help got it up and running properly :) now just trying to get it to announce how many targets my psychic scream hit and all that good stuff lol :p

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