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I am trying to put together a group for the Isle of Thunder achieve, where you have to step on 200 roaches in 1 minute. I tried to solo, but could only get like 120 roaches. So, if you are interested to get this achieve and are having issues getting them, and since we can only cross realm with other oceanic servers, sign up at my openraid even at the link: (you need to register first - people post various runs on this website, this is pretty cool)

Time: 18:00 Caelestrasz server time on Saturday, April 20

feel free to log on Caelestrasz to send me in game mail for battle-tag invite as well, but openraid would be better.

To do this achieve you must have completed the pre-requisite quests to do dailies in the Isle of Thunder.

Please follow instructions:

1. Stack up in the middle of Ihgaluk Crag, have the achievement tracked and wait for timer to reset.
2. When timer resets, after raid warning run in different directions and crush roaches.
3. Keep crushing for the full minute, don't stop when you get your achieve.
4. If timer runs out, and we all do not get achieve, repeat step 1-3.
You should get it no probs - have you tried a shout out in general? We pulled 8-10 ppl together and got it done in about 10 mins for everyone (we all camped near a group of those cockroaches around the place).

Quite fun!

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