Tier 15 Prot chest piece - poorly itemized ?

I dont tank a lot, but ive found that the 2 set for t15 can be good if your in the mastery build for tanking. Mastery Increases the amount of dmg SoTR absorbs and decreases the amount of dmg you take when you block an attack,

So in theory (and working mastery/haste enough to have good HP generation) i could see a pally building the normal 3 charges and working into his rotation, after the tanks swap, building 5 charges and waiting for tank swap. When the swap happens pop SotH, CS, and then a word of glory( to have 15 secs of increased block) and then working through the basic rotation. If done right you could keep the increased block, and SotR up pretty much constantly.

With the mastery build(and just enough haste) you could have the t15 shield up and SotR up for pretty much the whole fight, if they stack the pally would be.....well unkillable unless he screwed up his rotation

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