2 questions about Enh

1: I noticed we don't really have a mana pool at all as Enh and run low on mana alot after a few attacks.
I found keeping mana shield up fixes this problem, but arnt we supost to have lightning shield up as Enh?

2: Also wondering about the survivability.
While questing, I noticed my health goes down fast as if I don't have any armor on or something.
I can take on 1 or 2 mobs at the same time, but any more then that will kill me.
There any way around this?
1. NO! This is all so wrong. Enhancement shamans should never have mana issues, ever. Unless you are spam healing yourself with healing surge, over casting healing rain, or casting something like lightning bolt over and over and over again until your mana is drained, then you should never even bother to worry about your mana bar at all.

And -never- use your water shield, ever. If, when you ding 90, you show up to any dungeon, bg or raid and you have that on, I promise you people are going to tear you apart.

What is it you are doing that is causing you a mana loss? Even while I was levelling my shaman, I never had mana issues.

2. You are half squishy by nature, but you should be making use of your CCs (hex, slowing totems etc) when taking on multiple mobs, as well as using your earth elemental for tanking. Ghost wolves are a lifesaver, and even your fire elemental is a big help. If you are dying too fast you are either not controlling the situation well enough, or it's a gear issue, or you are in areas that are still yellow/red (quest/level wise)
At lvl 82 I only had 8k mana, just dinged 83 I only have 12k mana.
My main attacks currently are Lava Lash, Flame Shock, Stormstrike, and Unleash Elements each when there CD is up.
I only use Chain Lightning when Maelstrom Weapon hits 5 stacks and only if I have more then one mob on me.

Hmm, never really used the earth elemental yet, have always been useing the fire one.
I'll give him a try, never knew he tanked.
You can't have the earth and fire elementals up at the same time, but you can use one while the other is on CD.

Anyway, the reason you shouldn't have mana problems is the passive that procs mana restoration on hit. This only works in melee though, so if you're fighting a caster, you need to get up in their face, not try to trade lightning bolts from 40 yards.

Also, if flame shock is already applied, it's inefficient to reapply it unless it's really close to running out (especially if it would mean replacing an Unleashed Flame version of FS with a regular one). Earth shock instead, or frost if you need to prevent fleeing.

Nontanks generally shouldn't try to solo whole packs at once, unless it's the MoP "mini" mobs with much lower hp and damage, but if you can't help it and none of them is something you can CC, you can try to get through it with cooldowns.
at 90, you sit at 60k mana. So you arent missing mana don't worry.
the only mana problems you should be having, are if you are casting out of maelstrom stacks. casting outside of maelstrom will wreck you, but you passively generate more mana through your attacks.

more attacks=more mana=more boom =D

but as stated above, the only things that should eat your mana is your healing spells, or running around going Purge crazy. Other than that, nothing should be taking up that much mana. Get the one up on casters. Root them, drop a grounding totem, spirit walk and wolf up to them and go rampage on them. casters won't wreck you if you dance around them and keep dropping grounding totem.
wan't more fun? Troll on locks with the Grounding totem glyph. Wait for the Oh-so-tempting Chaos bolt, and send it back at them. (This glyph is merely just for fun, I don't recommend it due to its added CD time, basically recreational use)
I had some of the same issues while levelling (maybe not helped by the fact that I mostly play resto in BGs once at the level cap, so was rusty on enhance when Mists started).

Based on advice from (I think it was) this board, I made a few changes for survivability and it made a huge difference.

Glyphs of Healing Storm and Feral Spirit will help you get through multiple attackers much, much, more easily--just make sure to pay attention to when you need to use your maelstorm procs on heals rather than on lightning, and don't be shy about popping your wolves, their cooldown isn't that long.

Remember to use your tier one defensive talent (or go into Nature's Guardian, which is automatic), and if you add in Ancestral Guidance in tier 5 then you have periods where you can survive pretty much anything (pop that and your wolves, and most likely you can simply use your maelstrom procs for burst, as that also helps on your healing).

Our totems are no longer long term passive things, but they all serve purposes. It took me a while to get used to remembering to drop them at the appropriate time (and keeping an eye on the cooldowns) but they really do matter. Capacitor totem may be annoying, but that stun can buy you a lot of time, healing stream totem is yet another short duration heal when you need it, fire or earth elemental can help deal with crazy situation or 'quest boss' type foes, etc.

In the early Mists levels I had mana issues at times, especially if I was using fire nova much and had to throw in an emergency heal or two, and I did find myself using water shield at times, and making sure I had food with me that would restore mana (the milk from vendors is decent, tops off your mana in seconds, or you can wait for the 10 seconds for the mastery boost) and not be shy about using it. By about level 88 or so the mana problems mostly went away--and as I'd adopted the other hints above the need for emergency heals (not procced) went away, which helped too.

One thing that can play into the mana issues is your hit and expertise. Reforging leveling gear is annoying, but if you find you have really low levels of those two it might be worth the effort, increasing your damage, your procs, and your mana regeneration. (and I surely know how annoying re-forging is, looking at my current enhance gear I clearly have neglected to reforge it in ages (but I'm 98% just questing, and even on Thunder Island it is not too demanding, provided smart play)

ETA: I just noticed that you are still at level 83. You should be able to start finding Mists greens on the AH, which will do wonders for your iLvl and hence how well you survive. Easiest step to take :)

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