Prot/Arms Warrior LF Raid Group

Hello all.

I am a quickly gearing Prot/Arms warrior looking for a raiding guild.

I recently transferred to this server from my old one because everyone there was terrible and i want to progress in ToT.

I can raid Monday/Thursday/Sundays from around 7-12 Server Time.

Current Ilvl: 493 prot/483 arms

Current progression on this toon:
5/16 Heroic.

I am a good player looking to get into some serious raiding with good people for good times. :)
9 unenchanted items :S
I'm going to properly gem/enchant my gear when I am in need of it. For now there is no point in me enchanting blues only to use them and replace them in raid finder.
Winning attitude
not everyone can steal a gbank
Such a swindler
Such a swindler

go back to Dwarf, or else.

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