All of a sudden I'm owning Warriors. Other than gear nothing is new about the way I play, did something get buffed for us or nerfed for Warriors?
It really depends on the warrior. If the go defensive, sword and board and pop all the defensive CDs. they are still very hard to take down.
Sword of light was doubled, all that extra damage is nuts
Sword of Light buff isnt live yet, but we have been getting buffed and they've been getting nerfed since 5.2
Battlemaiden, you are adorable and I have no clue how you made a Dwarf that cute.

This has nothing to do with the topic. =D
A good warrior can out-pressure my own damage against him and force me to go defensive and focus on staying alive rather than killing him.
A bad warrior will die in a half second.

The big key factor is if they use shockwave or not.
I'm sorry but that stun is a very powerful stun when the person using it knows how to time it up with slams/overpowers.
I've noticed this too, but I think i've just been fighting terrible warriors in arenas.

LMAO Award for ugliest transmog goes to Tarvoz!
Look up Munick of Alleria - Best. Trans. Ever.

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