Question about level 90 tier talents for Orc

For an Orc elemental shaman

Quote from the elemental guide (though a bit not up to date should be adequate)

For Elemental Unleashed Fury is right out. It's damage contribution is lower than the other two talents, and it complicates the stationary rotation while removing options for the mobile rotation. Of the remaining two, Elemental Blast is ahead of Primal Elementalist by 2-3% in an ideal test, however it does complicate the rotation a bit whereas Primal Elementalist is easier to use and works better on encounters with burn phases.In short, it will come down to personal preference between Elemental Blast & Primal Elementalist.

So primal elementalist is slightly behind elemental blast, but....

As an orc, I have a pet bonus. Will that make primal elementalist better? If so, that would be great news as that talent looks the funnest.
I think so, never tested but always heard that orc racial helps the PE dps
Yes, the elemental gets the benefit of the orc racial, but sadly it is only 2% these days so it doesn't make a huge difference. If you like Primal Elementalist though, go for it. For most fights, it is at least as good as Elemental Blast even if you aren't an orc.

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