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If you could change One piece of lore(including any war/removing a character) who/what would it be?
Garrosh. Spare the Horde 4 expacs of his crap. I swear my character must spend alot of time thinking 'I should have just left the whiny !@#$%^ crying into his campfire in Nagrand'.
I'd relegate PVP to being arenas and any BGs be teams of Mercs. Make it so the factions don't have to keep making stupid STUPID choices to force the eternal pvp war to continue.
Tough call.

I'll do something interesting.

Garithos lives.

Following Sylvannas's betrayal, he fights his way clear with the aid of his elite guard (who totally weren't going to try and do the same thing to Sylvannas, for realsies). Rallying his troops, his heavily armored force is able to punch through the lines of the still fledgling forsaken forces, and break south largely unopposed.

Rallying in Arathi, Garithos is able to find sympathetic parties among the militaristic people of Stromgarde, and financial support from the League of Arathor, both of whom are anxious to protect their lands from the "horrible undead monstrosities".

Due to Garithos's substantial military build up, the Syndicate forces and Ogres are easily rebuffed. Stromgarde remains standing, but is unwilling to cooperate with the Alliance to the south. Making allies where they can, they ultimately ally with Gilneas, as well as absorbing elements of former Scarlet Crusaders.

Unwilling to become embattled with two kingdoms at once, the Forsaken and the Horde never form an alliance. The Blood Elves being sympathetic to Sylvannas and incredibly wary of anything involving Garithos, becomes closely involved with the Forsaken much earlier in history.

In the end, Azeroth is balanced between four major powers. Thrall's reformed Horde, the Southern Alliance, the aggressive Northern compact, and the Forsaken/Blood Elf Alliance.

Watching Illidan go so coo-coo for cocoa puffs that General Mills joins in the campaign to kill him in the name of copyright infringement, Kael'thas decides that perhaps it's time to exit this whole outland nonsense and make sure that the Alliance doesn't destory his kingdom, or that Sylvanas doesn't eat his people, what have you.

While some Blood Elves remain loyal to "Lord Illidan", Kael'thas returns to Silvermoon and leads his people as one would expect. He doesn't necessarily DO much, but he doesn't have to - he already had an entire WarCarft Campaign to legitimize his place as a faction leader.

Swap out an rebellious Romath where necessary to maintain the jists of BC, life goes on but the Blood Elves aren't saddled with a "Who?" for a leader.
I'd change it so the Alliance had a more rich story the past two years and had actual equal footing in lore cookies to honestly keep the Horde down.... when the Horde is beating the Alliance because of lore armor i call bs. lol... let us prove it in combat.. not quests :D
If I could change one thing in lore... I'd make the draenei more useful.
I'd have made Deathwing not be released until the moment we fight him, with the Cataclysm expansion being the build up to that moment. Deepholm could be used to characterize him some, since all he really did was show up and be generically evil.
No playable worgen. Ever.
I would break the Alliance and the horde apart, there would still be NPCs wanting to unify and you could work with them at various points to achieve it but overall open war would reign.

-wars based on race/ideaology/religion/culture instead of faction.
- gameplay would allow for any combination of races to group provided they are on the same side of a conflict.
-there would be allot more playable races and each patch/piece of content would have a number of possible story progression elements which would shape the world around it (much like the oracle/frenzyheart factions).
I would have redone how death knights were introduced into wow by using their established lore from WC3 (fallen paladins as opposed to just anything that can be reanimated).
Thrall returns at the end of Cata. The shamany expansion over, he takes a more passive role for awhile. Garrosh steps down, and replaces Saurfang as High Overlord after completing a transformation into an aggressive but honorable orc. This keeps him relevant while keeping him from making any political decisions.

Preferably some kind of ceasefire is put in place with the alliance as a result.

Mists becomes purely an expansion of discovery as opposed to a continued war
I wish Sylvanas was an obvious conspirator of Wrathgate for my own, personal well-being. (Sylvanas hates everyone anyway I don't know why she just didn't say "yeah i did it lol" and get it over with)
No all out faction war. Because its a stupid idea in an MMO.
Erase Med'an from existance.
Bring back Zul'jin somehow and have the rest of the trolls be part of the Horde instead of Elfs.
No all out faction war. Because its a stupid idea in an MMO.

I agree wholeheartedly.
If I could only change one thing? Kael would still be alive and leading the Blood Elves.
No all out faction war. Because its a stupid idea in an MMO.

I'd go even farther and have there be no faction war at all. Not even a cold war. There would be a Horde and an Alliance, but not all playable races would be a part of them. The different factions wouldn't necessarily trust the others, but there's middle ground between a state of war and sitting around the campfire singing kumbaya.
I was weighing between making Kael'thas the Blood Elf Leader and having Zul'jin as a member of the Horde, but ultimately I think I'd rather have Zul'jin as a member of the Horde.

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