Ret / Holy Pally Looking for a new realm.

I am recently coming back to wow, and Arthas is a WASTE of time for anyone whos wanting a serious toon on alliance anyway. The General Population seems to be like 8 years old if you can find alliance on that will reply if you are getting camped. I was just going to do the whole join them mind set but I want to remain alliance. I dont' just want to jump on a Server where alliance outnumber horde either. Warcraftrealms wasn't very helpful as their data seemed to go against what it was saing 2:1-1 yet the number are 10000000 to 2333.. I know thtas X toons vs X accounts Id just like any help from fellow pallies of what is a GOOD allinace server for world PVP and good guilds I can maybe get into once I get geared back up.

Thanks in advance.

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