Three most commonly used pet types?

Pet Battles
Just by your experiences so far, what do you think the three most used pet types are in lvl25 pet battles?
undead mech and humaniod imo.
dragon, mech, humanoid(only because Kun lie runt is the FOTM right now)
I have been running into many people using Beasts and Undead, sometimes I see a Dragon/Elemental.
its not much of families as specific pets.

most common are kun lai runt, jade ooze, zalandari kneebiter, anubisath, fel flame, electrified razortooth, yellow moth. I occasionally see Magical Crawdad too.

mostly because these pets are really strong in PVP.
Elemental, Human and Dragonkin based off of my experiences
Kun-Lai Runt
Kun-Lai Runt

Kun-Lai Runt
humanoid(only because Kun lie runt is the FOTM right now)

If you think klr is the only good humanoid you would be mistaken. It has been top notch as far as fotm pets have been since release and with their racial and unique move sets more than likely will be for the duration.
zalandari kneebiter
fel flame
electrified razortooth

These, and to add on:
  • Scourged Whelpling
  • Dark Whelpling
  • Harbinger of Flame
  • However in general I tend to find lots of:
  • Elementals
  • Humanoids
  • Mechanicals
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