Rebuke/torrent macro

Hey arena forums! I have decided to finally level my pally a bit to do some pvp.

Now I am not necessarily the best at pvp but I am willing to ask questions to get better at it.

Now I have a question about macros. I would like to make a macro to cast rebuke if I have no modifying buttons but if I press shift I would be able to use arcane torrent. How would I set up a macro for doing that?
/cast [nomod] rebuke
/cast [mod:shift] arcane torrent
that macro works and also are you the real azor ahai reborn or are you just some wannabe
Ok tyvm for the macro!

And I'm the real deal not any imposter! See my tabard of the flame? (I really want to get the Flamebreaker title and long for the day blizz allows enchants on transmogged weapons to overwrite enchants on your current weapon cuz I'd always have fiery weapon)

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