508 BM/SV hunter LF 10 man group ToT

I am currently 7/12 and have had attempts on primordius, i have some world of log kills under the guild INSANE and Gifted. both in the past 2 or 3 weeks in the month of march. I would prefer a night time raiding group with skilled and mature players. I also can't stress enough that i am looking for a guild that has members who show up on time for raid and ready to raid. i've been dealing with a lot of people not showing up and being late for raids in my most recent raid groups and it has been bothering me. 8:00 pm server is the best time for me. (3-4 hour raid times) I also prefer week night raids. I have 600 Leatherworking as well so i can supply some leg armour as well as 496 and 522 gear. I grow my own mats for flasks and pots as well. I promise to show up on time for raid with a positive attitude, and if i cannot make it on time i will message someone online and inform them of me being late or not being able to show up. I have WoW Armory on my cell phone and check it regularly when i am not on the computer.
Always looking for a good dps for our core group . Pst me in game on shaolingoon or bt me at goon#2768 .

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