Quick question about Fistweaving

Is there a source where I can get some information regarding Fistweaving tips, tricks, rotations, gear, gems, etc?

Please and thank you.
Lots of spirit and haste. Keep the BoK buff up, and you can pretty much spam Jab->Tiger Palm, getting your free and instant Surging Mist. This gives you one more chi, so your next Jab can be used on another Blackout Kick without major mana loss. This will continue to generate Mana Tea as well.

If you're skilled enough and have enough spirit, you can spam this rotation like a DPS would, and keep pretty stable mana the whole time.
Is there some where I can double check this?

For example, the first haste cap is at about 4722. So you don't want to go over that.

Crit = More Mana Tea which means more Mana regen for more fistweaving.

Is 1H + OH better than 2H ?

Etc etc ?
I think weapon-wise it's almost a wash due to the Way of the Monk passive. MH/OH combo has the benefit of an extra enchant, but that's really the only major advantage from what I can tell. I'm sure the theorycrafters have more exact numbers and reasons, but everything I've seen and experienced puts it at "Go with the combo that puts the best item in your main hand slot".

I've heard Noxxic and Icy Veins thrown around as good sites for rotations and things. There's a few pretty nice posts about it here as well, though they might have gotten buried if they didn't get a sticky.
As a PvPer, I imagine that means I am limited to my 2H weapon then.

What about rotations/priorities?

How do people manage Chi, Melee spells and Renew/Uplift combinations?

^ Looking for best healing outcome/mana efficiency
i dont have any fancy math or number to give you (fistweaving pvp lacks proper resources atm, ive checked), but i will say that statue positioning is one of the most important things to fistweaving. hard to predict where a fight will move in pvp, but i cant stress that point enough.

as an experiment ive been gemming int > pvppower. since pvppower does not boost our damage, and we heal through damage it seemed worth a shot. honestly havnt noticed a difference since resil is taking up most of my gem slots.

a past experiment was forging spirit into crit > haste. outside of duels, the damage bonus was not worth the regen loss.
perhaps in future seasons, with higher spirit values on gear, this might be semi viable.
rotation? pvp?

try to avoid having max chi and no muscle memory.

ideally, jab, tiger, repeat.

but i find my self using kick more often than tiger just to avoid the above situation.
Fistweaving stats are: INT > spi (till comfortable) > crit
For pve i found around 8k spirit the right balance. For pvp i would try
To invest more in spirit because we need longevity.

Haste is good for mistweaving not for fistweaving because we already
Have 1 sec gcd.

As for rotation: like they said, good statue placing, expel harm + jab
Folllowed by blackout kick, then jab + tiger palm. Mana tea on cd
Chi wave and xuen good for talents that provide dps and healing.

At same ilev, 2h weapon is better because most of our damage
And so eminence healing come from special attack and not white

In pvp abuse healing spheres.
In regards to a rotation, there really isn't one. It's Jab --> Tiger Palm, repeat ad nauseum. Throw in a BoK every 20 seconds for Serpent's Zeal (should get at least 1 bonus chi from your free Surging Mist). For AoE, use SCKx1 + expel harm/renewing mists --> BoK.

That's really pretty much it.

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