502 Mage & 507 Feral Druid 3/12 LF Raid/Guild

Guild Leaders of a recently inactive guild looking to join a new guild and core raiding group in their progression throughout ToT.The two of us are consistant, friendly, 18+ and eager for progression. Both have 16/16 , 3/16H and 3/12 xp. Both are consitantly sustaining 110k + DPS. Both work from home free anytime after 5pm server, fine with late night guilds. Fornikatie is the name of my Frost Mage and Kotd is the name of the Feral druid. Please feel free to contact either of us, we will answer any questions you might have.
Thankyou in Advance
Good luck you guys! :)
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Axiom of Proudmoore server is recruiting a tank and healer for a core raid spot while we progress into Throne of Thunder.


Non-paladin tank
Druid, shaman or paladin healer

DPS offspecs are beneficial, but not required.


Tuesday - Thursday
7:00 PM server time - 10:00 PM server time


4/6 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults, 6/6 Heart of Fear, 4/4 Terrace of the Endless Spring, 8/12 Throne of Thunder

Please be raid aware, know your class mechanics and be up-to-date on boss fights. Players with applicable gear will be looked at above all other applicants for core spots, but Axiom is never adverse to taking on quality raiders! Get in touch with a member of Axiom in-game or on our website (axiomproudmoore.enjin.com/apply) to apply.

NOTE: Axiom is an 18+ guild. Younger applicants who are exceptionally mature and play at a high skill-level are still encouraged to apply.


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