Brewmaster: Hit Rating above 7.5% yay or nay?

I read that it's a good idea to get expertise above 7.5% because it provides more reliable Chi generation. Well, at least while dual wielding, what about stacking Hit above 7.5% to hit more auto-attacks to get more reliable Elusive Brew stacks?
Hit to 7.5, Expertise to 15. That's what I do.

Due to how the hit tables work, an attack that crits cannot miss. That is to say, if you roll a miss, it absolutely never "would have" crit.

If you have a 100% crit chance, you can have 0% hit and you will hit 100% of attacks, if that makes more sense.

This means I inherently reduce my miss chance with autoattacks by upping my crit chance, while simultaneously increasing my crit chance for more EBrew.

I'm also pretty sure it costs less points per percent of crit than it does per percent of hit- all in all it's just a lot better to just do crit instead of hit, if you want autoattacks to hit for EBrew stacks.
Edit: Well Bobmuffin beat me to it while I was typing, but I'll keep it the way I had it. Though I don't think you're quite right on that. If you have a hit debuff, I'm pretty sure excessively low hit percentage can push crits off the attack table.

Well no, it doesn't work that way. More hit rating isn't going to give you more auto-attack crits which generate elusive brew. Misses, dodges, parries, normal hits and critical hits are on a one-roll system. So increasing your hit rating would only increase the number of normal white hits you deal.

Put in a visual form:

You roll a die to see if you hit a boss. You have a 17.5% chance to miss at 7.5% hit with autoattacks. For sake of argument, you have 7.5% expertise and 30% crit for this example.

1-17.5 - miss
17.6-25 - parried
26-70 - hit
71-100 - crit

Increasing your hit percent by 5% will change your 'hit' to 21-70. Crits will be unaffected.

So in other words while going over on hit won't hurt you, anything over 7.5% is wasted stats that could be better off going to something else. If extra hits for Gift of the Ox is that important to you, you're better off going with a two hander.
Hit above 7.5% is 100% worthless.
I see, thanks for the replies!

I had the habit of trying to stack EB as high as I could before using it. But then I realized it only has a 6 second CD, so I generally use it as soon as I have 3+ stacks. Definitely improved my survivability by a ton.

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