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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Currently Recruiting for our Mythic raid team:

Geared 725+ equipped DPS.

Our raid plan until Legion is to do two more clears of upper citadel and then cut down our raids to one night per week only doing Mannoroth and Archimonde.

We are one of the few guilds that does not raid Thursday.

We try to keep our roster relatively small so rotation is minimised, but we still need subs and as such all raiders must be willing to rotate as boss fights require different raid make ups.

We are a Horde guild on Thaurissan with most of our player base split between West and East coast of Australia, and with a few raiders from other countries.

TD has been around since prior to ICC during the WotLK expansion and many of our core raiders from the WotLK days are still actively raiding with us. If you socially fit in with the guild, then you're more than likely going to hang around and still be raiding with us years from now.

The guild is made up of mature players, most in their mid 20's to mid 30's. We raid a limited number of hours each week with relatively short raid durations. We love to joke around with each other and our banter is often colourful, but we know when to focus and down bosses.

We are not a casual guild. Neither are we a hardcore raiding guild. We're looking for experienced raiders with track records of successful end game raiding.

Raid Times (3rd April 2016 - 1st October 2016):

Wednesday 8pm - 11pm ST (6pm - 9pm GMT+8)
Sunday 7:30pm - 11pm ST (5:30pm - 9pm GMT+8)
Monday 8pm - 11pm ST (6pm - 9pm GMT+8)

Raid Times (2nd October 2016 - 1st April 2017):

Wednesday 9pm - 11:30pm ST (6pm - 8:30pm GMT+8)
Sunday 8pm - 11:30pm ST (5pm - 8:30pm GMT+8)
Monday 9pm - 11:30pm ST (6pm - 8:30pm GMT+8)

Guild Website:

Visit www.traitorousdogs.com for additional information and to apply. Message Demonzlife (demonz#1244), Chinkchicken (firetruck#1844), or Brahmann (nathanos#1740) via battle.tag if you have any queries.
Bump - now recruiting a quality tank with good dps offspec.

We're just stepping into heroic ToT so must be geared and ready to go.

Add Nathanos#1740 for a chat or apply at www.traitorousdogs.com
Ive got an alt Druid 500~Ilvl(Havent done LFR for the work) that i could raid with you guys on, if you want, im 2/13HM on this DK add NickVerga#1416 to chat
Sorry buddy, not particularly interested in alts. We've been bitten in the past by alts.
hmm what about a 522 druid tank
Recruiting a tank and a Holy Pally/Resto Druid.
Recruiting a tank, a Holy Pally/Resto Druid/Mistweaver Monk.

Add Nathanos#1740 for a chat.
Thaurssian needs tanks lol
Still looking for a tank and a healer (Pally, Druid, Monk).
Searching for a Resto Druid.
Up she goes!
Any need for a 530 ilvl dps dk?

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