[A] 503 Holy Paladin LF serious raiding guild

I am a holy paladin with 5/16 Heroic exp from last tier and I am looking for a serious raiding group for ToT. Optimal times would be Friday and Saturday; however, most evenings and weekends works for me. I am a very dedicated raider, I am willing to raid extra whenever its needed and I have good attendance. Both 25 man and 10 man groups work for me (although 10 man is preferred). Looking for serious progression and not just a casual, fun and games type group.

If you would like to talk more add ronaconda#1631 on btag.
10 man horde guild Fraudulence is currently looking for a decent hpally healer, we are 1/13 htot with plans to continue to progress.

we raid 5-8pm server tues-thurs with sunday or monday clean up days depending on our memebers schedules. if interested plz whisper sashime or myself in game.

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