tank meta gem

most tanks go with stam + 2% increased armor but i was figureing, wouldnt it be beter to have reduced stun or fear? you cant midigat damage wile stunned or feared.

Armor works while stunned, but moreover you just don't get stunned/feared THAT often while tanking. Being tougher *all* the time is better than ending the occasional stun 0.2 seconds sooner.
good point
If you're (theoretically) constantly getting with unavoidable stuns/fears in PvE, then your only reliable source of damage reduction is armor anyway. I mean, I guess shaving a second or two off of the stuns or fears would help a little, but you'd be better off just using the armor meta anyways and hoping your healers are paying attention.

If Blizzard ever puts a mechanic like that in the game, I would cry and/or possibly race change back to Human (if the latter, definitely the former!) :-(
The only meta that competes with +armor is spell damage reduction, and only on fights where magical damage outdoes physical (i.e. Lei Shi).

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