<Echo> Currently recruiting for core!

Aerie Peak
Echo is a new guild with experienced raiders and eager players. We're currently looking to fill spots for our core raid team. We are currently looking to fill primarily an off-tank and some DPS but all are welcomed to inquire about joining.

Most of our raiders are currently 490+ with some over 500, but there are others that are 480+ that we'll need to gear up in 5.0 and 5.1 raids. After everyone gets geared we will be focusing primarily on ToT progression.

This is by no means a hardcore or high-end progression group. We are just looking to kick back, have fun, see the content and kick some !@#.

We are aiming to start raiding Sunday and Monday nights, starting on the 14th of April.

If this team and the times are something that may interest you, then please feel free to contact me, Navakos in-game or via our website. Contact details can be found below.

BattleTag: Navakos#1847
Website: http://www.EchoAP.com

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