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I am doing some work with this forming metal band and we need some help with advice and getting our lineup together.<br/>Here is the scenario<br/>- I have two guitarists (One rythm one lead), I do keyboards and vocals (Bass/Tenor), I have a bassist. <br/>- We are having troubles finding a drummer who is into power metal or Progressive music<br/>- We are a teenage group with a bit of a skepticism for Metalcore like Drowning pool and Avenge Sevenfold (but that is natural for someone who owns a POWER metal band)
put flyers for a drummer out EVERYWHERE and by everywhere i meen at your local music shop,the dentist,yoga class,under your moms pillow,home depot..evvvveeerrrywhere.try not looking so hard for someone that enjoys progreesion metal as much as someone who enjoys playing drums.

in the meen time try switching from the piano to drums or the bassist to drums as it is much easier to find a 3rd guitarist and have him use effects that make his guitar sound like the piano notes for now.

not sure how big a town you are in but even in my podunk town our second band found a guy that would lay down drum tracks(playing drums is playing drums) over our stuff until we could find a drummer at a little recording shop.

try and use a drum machine for the time being so you can get your sound down because who knows,you may find that a drummer with a jazz background for example fits.

hope that helps and good luck.
you can also attempt to find out where the other guys are practicing and mingle. my first band rented a storage unit and sound proofed it which was basically old matresses lined up on the walls and at least back then storage units were around 20 bucks a month to rent but we always had a place to practice and we ended up meeting a lot of other kids there that were doing the same thing. someone could hear you guys playing and decide they want to be apart of it.

also find out where the other local bands are playing,show up and mingle. just because a guy is already in a band doesn't mean he won't play with you guys if the timing is right. the first guitarist we had was actually in 2 other local groups as well. don't push it but make it known with the scene what you are looking for. you may ask a guy that is already in a band and he say no but "i know a guy who's band just broke up".
Drowning Pool metalcore? what is this i don't even....

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