Shapeshift keybinds

Im leveling a druid and i was wondering what you guys use for your shapeshift keybinds, i have been trying a few different key binds for my different forms, and was wondering what some of you used.
might sound strange, but alt+mouse wheel forward is cat form, shift+mouse wheel forward is travel and alt+mouse wheel back is bear for me.
I use the buttons on my Naga for stance changes/shapeshifting.
8 - flight form, 9 - moonkin, 10 - bear form, 11 - cat form, 12 - travel form

Since for my main buttons I only use 1 through 7
Middle mouse = bear
Mouse wheel up = cat
mouse wheel down=travel
ctrl+1 = cancel form

Make sure you're using the quick shift macros as well!

/cast !cat form
/cast !travel form
Ctrl-1: Macro for cat form + prowl + SR. It does all of this:

- If in flight form, cancel form. (This lets me attack from the air)
- If in bear form, cast frenzied regeneration to use up any leftover rage
- If not in combat, cast Prowl
- If in combat, cast cat form
- If already in cat form, cast savage roar
- Equip agility weapon (does nothing if it's already equipped)

I essentially spam this any time before a skirmish is about to start. I never forget SR as a result. Also I never forget to equip my agility weapon if I had switched it for off spec heals earlier.

Ctrl-2: Macro for bear form

- If not in bear form, casts bear form
- If already in bear form, cast Wild Charge.
- Equip agility weapon (does nothing if it's already equipped)

Thus I can hit the macro twice to get my undispellable root onto my target.

Ctrl-3: Macro for travel form

- If in bear form, cast frenzied regeneration to use up any leftover rage
- If swimming and not in aquatic form, cast aquatic form
- If not in travel form and not swimming, cast travel form
- If already in travel form and not swimming, cast sequence Nature's Grasp, and Wild Charge
- If swimming and already in aquatic form, cast wild charge

Basically I can hit this three times to escape my enemies.

F1: Cancel form
I use the mouse wheel and mouse thumb buttons for shifting forms.
mousewheel up: chicken (or cat when i used to play feral)
mousewheel down: bear
naga 12: flight/travel/aqua/mount macro

/cast [swimming] Aquatic Form;[combat,outdoors,noswimming] Travel Form; [nocombat,outdoors,noswimming,flyable] Swift Flight Form; [nocombat,noswimming,noflyable] Vicious War Wolf <<<-change to your mount
I use "F" for shifting, "G" for Displacer, Dash, and Stampeding Roar, "C" for chicken when playing balance.

Shifting Macro:
/cast [mod:shift] Cat Form
/cast [mod:ctrl] Bear Form
/cast [indoors] Cat Form
/cast [flyable, nocombat, noswimming] Swift Flight Form
/cast [swimming] Aquatic Form
/cast [nocombat, noflyable] Travel Form
/cast [combat] Travel Form

Displacer Macro
/cast [mod:ctrl]Stampeding Roar
/cast [mod:shift]Dash
/cast Displacer Beast
f1 - cat
f2 - travel
f3 - moonkin
f4 - bear
f5 - aquatic
F = Cat form
R = Travel
Shift+E = Bear Form
Z = Flight Form
Shift + Z = Aquatic Form
So I'm gonna suggest something different:

That's the addon oPie. It binds your shifts, and other things if you choose, to one key bind and uses your mouse cursor position to choose which one you want(go to the site, I'm doing terribly at explaining). For example I have a shift ring and a mount ring(with about 20-30 mounts) so it has saved me a ton of bindings. It's hard to get used to at first, but fantastic later.
I use ctrl S for bear, ctrl E for Travel Form, ctrl F for cat. I also have macros on my caster form's bar that turn me into cat, bear, travel. I use X to cancelform.
Shift R is cat.
A = Cat form
D = Bear form
R = Moonkin form
Shift+1: Bear Form
Shift+2: Aquatic Form
Shift+3: Cat Form
Shift+4: Travel Form
Shift+5: Flight Form

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