Quests, lesser charms, and LFR bags

1. Give normal quests in pandaria leveling zones 1-2 lesser charms per quest, like what dailies provide. This helps mains and alts alike, and encourage people to go out into the world than to chain dungeons or do monkey runs.

2. Give LFR fail bags a chance to contain lesser charms, maybe 5-10 like the arcane troves. This way, it wont feel as bad for those of us who don't get loot on both the normal and bonus rolls

Hi everybody!

I had a couple ideas and I wonder if anybody else feels similarly, and maybe even get noticed by game masters and community managers :)

1. End game dailies and lesser charms
Right now, whether you are leveling a main or an alt, you only get to earn lesser charms once you hit 90 (more or less, i havent really tried pet battles thing yet). I read that the designers want more options and encourage players to go out into the world, rather than sitting in main city hubs like in cata.
The intention is good, but right now, we don't have many options besides doing repetitive dailies every few days. This can be a nightmare and feels like work if anyone has 2 or more alts.
My idea is, what if the leveling quests in pandaria also gave 1 or 2 lesser charms per quest? This way everybody will want to do these quests, because most of them already don't reward any reputation. They are also limited in quantity, since they are normal quests and not dailies. This way, whether it is a new player coming to mop, or an alt, everybody will get a good start on the 90+ lesser charms for their weekly turn in.

2. LFR fail bags should give some charms
For some people like me, who are generally unlucky with both bonus rolls and normal lfr rng loot distribution, we can get up to 4 or more bags of gold per run. I'm not asking that lfr drop more loot or anything, but maybe when we do get the useless bags, they can contain some lesser charms, to offset the wasted elder charm we worked so hard for through dailies. Currently it converts as 90 charms / 2 charms per daily = 45 charms / 3 coins = 15 dailies. Doing 15 daily quests that already reward 10-20 gold per quest, just to get 30 gold from a bag, is really depressing. I know they got buffed to have a chance to drop mounts, pets, potions and flasks, but honestly that doesn't make it feel any better. If people wanted that, they can always roll 1 of the 5 tank classes and get better drops from the lfd bags. I know I did.
I understand that there is a bonus roll protection system being worked on for 5.3, but I thought this would be an easy tweak to be added in, that many players might like. Many blizzard representatives always say that dailies are completely optional, but in reality, they feel kind of required, until you do enough for the 90 charms per week. Giving the LFR/normal fail bags some lesser charms would make them feel more rewarding, adding yet another source for lesser charms, and alleviating much of the negative feedback regarding those bags.

What do you guys think? :)
You can get Lesser Charms through pet battles. They aren't really difficult to get. Not sure they need more methods of giving them. I have over 2000. Tomorrow, I'll cash in 90. I'll have over 2000 again next week.
I agree that the charms do add up if the player only have one main character at 90, or simply have alot of time to do the sets of dailies over and over on their alts.

For players who only specialize in one main character, mop would seem fine. For anyone who enjoys having alts (different playstyles, roles within party/raid, different storyline from both sides, professions, etc) mop has been a brutally punishing expansion. The first couple times going through the rep grind is ok, the third and onwards, it becomes kind of stressful.

Alternatively, another good idea is to let the conquest buff affect the charms as well. I'd imagine its not much different from adding the +50% valor bonus (after first character caps for the week), and extending it to charms as well. +50% to lesser charms would make it so each 2 charm daily give 3. This way, both valor and charms can progress at the same rate for alts.

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