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I'm a phlebotomist, EKG technician and certified medicine aide.

Also in school to become a nurse soon. :)
I have 3 separate jobs where I work with kids (a daycare, an intercity reading program, and oodles of babysitting regularly) until I finish school for Graphic Design. Anything to keep the money rolling in. 3 more semesters left! :)
Also a single mom which is my favorite job.

Edit: Also decided to pick up doing cheap commissions selling my art for shopping money. I'm an expensive lady.
Im a Ford Certified, Red Seal Automotive service technician

Oh, i forgot im a volunteer Fire/Rescue as well
I'm currently unemployed, but I hope to become an author someday. Until then, I'm currently working on a Bachelor's in English with a minor in technology. Once I graduate in the spring of next year, I'm hoping to transfer to the University of Washington to pursue a Master's in library and information science.
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I'm looking to become a pilot, despite the fact that I have been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder, ADHD

I have the same thing...

Recently diagnosed ADD/ADHD here as well; should we start a guild?
Currently, I'm a severely underemployed graphic designer/illustrator. I used to do "print" work.
I'm in the Marines and I graduated top of my class.

Do you have over 300 confirmed kills and are you trained in gorilla warfare?
Customer service rep for College Board SAT/AP. No I cannot wave the change fee!
Was once a hotel security guard for a corp that spanned from Washington to California with Montana and Arizona mixed in, from 2002 to 2008. Bounced from that to shuttle driver to security back to shuttle driver before I was... "let go" by the company (fancy word for saying U fired!) due to an attitude problem I had with them... >.> 7 almost 8 years and its come up only twice.

Spent a few years looking for a job, while being on unemployment. Got sick of it, so currently back in college finishing up my GE and looking to get into the culinary arts.
Full time student
Full time night shift lot support
CEO of PC Computer Geek
IT consultant for the night time company I work for.
Phone tech support for a large ISP

Ack! I feel sorry for you; I did phone tech support for a rather large PC/office equipement company for about 3 years, not a fun job.

Now I am part of a team that makes the best dry-cured salamis in Canada
Recently retired.

Spent more than a quarter-century herding PhDs: that is, I was an academic secretary in a tertiary educational institution. (Correct pc term is administrative support, but I’m old-fashioned.)

Still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

It's interesting to read what others do.
I don't have a paying job, but I'm a musician majoring in clarinet performance at University at the moment. Just finishing my fourth semester.
same here :P

Full time student going for my BSN (Calstate LA anyone?), Marine Reservist and Barista (guess which company I work for).
Working on becoming a firefighter.

I'm getting there!

Good luck man, emt basic here. Driving ambulances n shiz is rough dude. People are gross my friend and the burnout rate is roughly six months but if you dont mind the blood, poop, vomit, urine, and the REALLY smelly gunk in a colostomy bag then this might be the job for you. Sorry to say but you gotta start somewhere and that will be private ambulance. Unless you plan on being a volunteer but you gotta make money some how. Good luck my friend and remember... you cant save everyone...
Thanks man, I hope I don't have to take the private ambulance step because the one here doesn't have the best reputation, but I'll do what I have to. I plan on getting some sort of an EMT job once I finish state and national registry in May for the downtime of testing for various departments.

And luckily I only get queasy when I visualize injuries on myself, I'm going to be able to handle most things.
i make babies
Was laid off 3 times in 6 months, hopefully getting a job I went in for an interview today.

Cargo handler at an airport in the freight department.
In lehmans terms, I wiill hopefully be driving a sitdown forklift all day going in and out of trailers...kinda like playing real life tetris for a living XD !
Driver/Operator/Chauffeur (Depending on where you live) at a city fire department, also work for the county as a driver/firefighter. I also own my own lawn maintenance business during the summer.

I don't have very much free time.

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