512 Boomkin LF

Aerie Peak
Weekend or late nite raiding guild, 8/12 ToT xp, have a friend on AP who recommened this realm, Just thought I'd see if any are interested in a geared boomkin w/sum ToT xp, and no I'm am not currently looking to be a resto druid. Demindred#1249 for any questions, TY :D
04/08/2013 04:07 PMPosted by Demindred
have a friend on AP who recommened this realm

You sure he's a friend? Cause friends dont do this to friends...
< Destruction Inc is now Recruiting!! We have just recently transferred to Aerie Peak Because of Population reasons, But the guild has been around since BC. And are in need of some new Players!! We are recruiting all players, Levels, Roles, and Classes! We are also recruiting for our 10 man Core raiding group, We need Healers and DPS. a DPS with a Tanking Offspec would be nice as well! We are a very friendly guild and help out any time. Our raid times are Tuesday/Sunday 8PM-11PM Server time!! If this sounds like the guild for you, Please Pst Dutchyy - Dutchfu - Rayth - Oroy - Bartelicious - Ursangus for invites!

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