High Latency, need oceanic server

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i'm playin from Indonesia and i'm dyin enough to play this game with that lag spike in raid on bg, blizz should more care about player from the oceanic especially with that huge profit. I'm considering to quit this game, tho i love this game very much. But it doesnt fun anymore when u cant play this game properly and enjoy every aspect of the game :(

my last two month of WoW and am dying with this latency
We have indonesian guild and this last two weeks we have some latency issue due to US backend, but other than that, we're fine with 190-200ms,sure it gives some disadvantage when it comes to proper game mechanic such as interupt or moving from fire but well..it's online game, deal with it..
Could you possibly switch ISP;s?

Will make no difference, as the packet loss occurs with the US side of things. Connection to a US server results in high ms and lag spikes.

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