<Reborn> Currently Recruiting.

Earthen Ring
Hey there guys, <Reborn> Is a new guild on server currently recruiting-

Warrior - Prot
Monk - Tank
Strong RDPS or MDPS.

I have 2 spots left open atm. our plan is to do 1-2 weeks of tier 14 then go into ToT after we get people a few pieces in tier 14H. Our raid leader is currently 13/16HM and has experience in 1/13HM ToT.

our raid times are 10pm-1am Server on Wed/Thur.

Please contact me ingame: Kritikal1224#1929
why'd you change your guild name?
I've heard rumors of your raiders rolling on gear and later DE'ing them for haunting spirits. Any truth to this?
Mainly it is your paladin in question (who also took GREAT offense to this in trade when i never singled her out), who is also enchanting. Sketchy guild is sketchy
I honestly have no idea. And I was not the GM of Reborn. I left that guild and made humble for drama reasons. As far as the gear thing goes I don't know anything about that to be honest. but we have only done one tot as a guild and had a pug priest. The priest never said anything to me and has raided with me since. So if you do have any proof I would like to see it please and ty :)

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