Travel form not getting guild bonuses

Sorry if this has been addressed already, but I noticed on my baby druid that the travel form doesn't get the guild mount speed boost.

This is most noticeable if you use a random mount addon (GoGo Mount, etc) -- because it will NEVER select the slower travel form unless you're in a circumstance where it would work, but a regular mount won't.

So far, that's only been when I accidentally start moving before I hit the button.. or when I get shifted out of aquatic form and hit the button to shift back while surfaced or on the shore.

It seems like a bug or oversight. If it's intended to work this way, so be it. I still love using it because the new stag form looks so much nicer than the old cheetah I remember. *grin*
It's not a mount...
Even though other players can ride on it when glyphed, Travel Form does not count as a mount, so any mount-related buffs would not apply.
It's not a mount...
As others have pointed out. Travel Form is not a mount and thus does not get the 'mount' bonus.
It's not a mount...
04/09/2013 12:13 PMPosted by Myrddin
It's not a mount...
On a related note my refrigerator runs far less efficiently on diesel than my truck.

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