Sigil of wisdom drop rate?

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There needs to be an increase in the drop rate for these. I am exalted with the Prince and yet two weeks in a row running every LFR and not a single drop.
Random is random. If you feel there needs to be a change in the drop rate, then you need to post your suggestion, along with a reason, over in the Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios Forum so the developers for that portion of the game can take it into consideration.
As I understand it, they drop more in Normal and even more frequently in Heroic. The idea is that people who earn a Legendary need to do more than use the LFR feature.
Well they only drop in Heart of Fear and Terrace. They are a low drop rate. Just to make sure, you have the quest in your log, as the sigils won't drop without the quest in your quest log.

Have you ever gotten a single one?
I have 7 and have had for a long time. Quest is active.
I have 7 and have had for a long time. Quest is active.

Then you are just having bad luck. Try running some of them on normal mode to up your chance. And they only have the chance to drop once a week from a boss in LFR so make sure you're not wasting your time there. I don't have 10 of either of them either. And I'm halfway through revered
One of the things about wow is that it requires time. If you REALLY want them, your going to have to keep doing the LFR. The drop rate is fine. Besides, think, this is for a LEGENDARY gem. 500 stats dont come easy.
for completionist who want to get on the bandwagon to 5.1 questline it is a big hurdle they should be increasing the rate on sigil so they can catch up. the rest of the wrathion quests do not need a change yet.

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