Spirit of the Storm Lord

I was wondering if anyone knew if doing the whole Lightning Lance > Tempered Lightning Lance is possible if you've already killed Nalak before trying to do it. I'm thinking it works differently than how looting the Chimaera of Fear worked from Sha of Fear. I just would hate to go kill Nalak, loot him, and then be boned until next raid week for doing the legendary quest because I already looted Nalak or something like that.

Edit: Someone I know got killed from the quest add during their first kill of Nalak. Killed him a second time and got their lance done. I'm assuming this means it won't be like how Sha of Fear was for getting the Chimaera of fear. This pretty much answers my question.
U have most probably sorted it by now but I did it on my Hunter without a group. Didn't have to kill Nalak, when the add is focused on u you then need to get out of combat with Nalak and kite the add until the quest is complete. If the add catches you its a 1 shot your dead lol. I did it by feigning death for the mage I am looking at PVP trinkets that remove threat as I have n spells that compare to feign death. Hope that helps.
Did this solo on my frost dk, popped army, speared nalak and ran, he killed me after lance was charged, for my pally did basically the same thing with a friend who was a dk, she popped army ran to shado pan and dropped agro, I ran in circles and then up the steps after lance was charged, no one died doing it this way.
Just did this today: Stand almost at the top of the stairs as you approach Nalak, just in range to throw the spear. Spear Nalak and run away. If you time it just right, Nalak will reset but the add will not. Move away too fast and they will both reset. Took me about 8 tries, but it is definitely possible.
I just solo'd this successfully after my 4th attempt as a Arcane Mage. Started at steps, threw spear, Gold connect beam started from add, I waited for him to hit me once, then iceblocked. Right as Iceblock was about to expire I did a 180 (turned around) and blinked up the stairs and started running from him. I then saw the "quest complete".
Did this as a Frost Death Knight, set out my goul helper and my army, standing at the top of the stairs and just started walking backwards. I died but not before I got the quest. Easy Peasy and I needed no help.

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