A Race, for Science ((RP event))

Emerald Dream
<A Forsaken woman dressed in faded black robes and red gloves, stained with blood, passes by with a large stack of parchment in hand. She takes a rusted nail and a hammer, with two bone fingers still clinging to it, from her pocket and hangs the sign up on the notice board. She summons a portal, smirks, and vanishes. The parchment, stained with a liquid you probably don't want to know the source of, reads:>

People of the Horde:

I, Cahlee Hughes of the Royal Apothecarium and the Gor'watha Warband, invite you to a race for science.

All are welcome but leave your mounts at home. This is a race of skill. The five fastest will win a special prize courtesy of the Royal Apothecarium.

Please meet in Deathknell in two weeks at Dusk. The race will begin in Deathknell and end at the gates of the Western Plaguelands. We hope you will be in attendance for an evening of racing and science.

-Cahlee Hughes, Fleshweaver of the Royal Apothecarium.

((The Rules:
-No mounts. Period.
-Racial, class and profession skills are permitted and encouraged!
-That is it. The fastest wins.
-Prizes will be given to the top five winners!

The race will be Saturday April 27th at 8pm. It will be from Deathknell to the Gates of the Western Plaguelands. There is no specific route, just a start and finish line. This is not only an RP event but also an event of curiosity. Who is the fastest? Best of luck!))
((Bump! Event tomorrow!))
Well, I guess if it's for Science ...

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