Yang Pang Gang 10m LF DPS

Yang Pang Gang is a newly formed small guild that consists of a core group of players from a previous guild. We have a lot of raid experience on the team and are currently 1/12 in ToT. When the group formed we cleared all of T14 in two weeks. We have a lot of progress put in on Horridon and will be downing him very soon.

Currently Seeking: 2 DPS prefer

Raid Times:
Tues / Wed / Mon 6pm to 9pm server.

Our expectations are a very high attendance, excellent raid awareness, and very good knowledge of your class.

What to expect:
When you apply we will run with you on one of our standard raid nights which could be progression or farming. The guild is currently leveling and funds/bank is being built up. We use Raidcall for our voice chat. We are a close group of players that are looking to progress very quickly. We have no problem calling you out if you mess up and trying to work with you to fix the issues. Also expect adult humor and an all around good time.

Contact Fuzywuzzy or Rúdy (alt+0250) for more information and apps.

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