[A][25m] <Inept> LFM 10/14 Heroic T16

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Raid Times:
Tuesday: 8pm-11pm EST
Wednesday: 8pm-11pm EST
Thursday: 8pm-11pm EST

Inept is a Semi-Hardcore 25 man raiding guild born in late Cataclysm, and consist of both veteran and fresh Turalyon players. Our core has raided with eachother for quite some time and shares similar views and goals for raid progression. Inept is semi-hardcore only in the sense that we strive to progress as much and as fast as possible through current raid content, but also aim to improve our quality of players through trial and guidance from our experienced raiders. We are a guild of mostly 21+ professional or colleges students who get a kick out of poking fun at eachother and have a good time raiding, but also focus on progressing.

Loot System:
We use a straightforward DKP system where we award 3 points at the start and end of a raid for attending raiders, because we aim for 90% attendance, a 10 DKP bonus is awarded at the end of the week for 8 of 9 hours attended.

What We Offer:
Guild Repairs
Pots and Flask (when materials allow it)
Food/Feast (300 food is recommended)
Free Enchants and Gems
Craftable Upgrades (when materials allow it)

5.0: 5/6 H MSV 3/6 H HOF
5.2: 10/13 Heroic ToT
5.4: 10/14 Heroic SoO

Maximizing your class/spec through all possible mediums: Logs/guides/theory-crafting
Prepared for each raid via reading up on progression fights and researching/watching your class performance on each new encounter and what your class/spec can bring!

Recruitment Needs for 5.4!


- Feral/DK/Monk tank
- Mage
- Ele Sham
- Ret pally (Holy OS a plus)

560+ ilvl HIGHLY prefered


ANY Exceptional players may apply, 560+ ilvl and full SoO experience required!

WP: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Inept
Apps: http://www.ineptraids.com/index.php?board=2.0
Guild Master: Kazmeme (ingame)
Melee Officer: Quinc (ingame)
Ranged Officer: Vyndetta (ingame)
Healer Officer: Yas (ingame)
First in!
looking for more!

Enhance Sham
elemental sham
or any very exceptional ranged
Bump for ele shaman
Still need an ele shaman or ranged
Now looking for 1 ranged and an enhance sham

Ele Sham
still looking
24 man lei shen to finish normals

still looking for a super ranged (prefer shaman)
Enhance sham

Ele Sham

I don't hit things, sorry.
opening recruitment to

1 DK
1 Enhancement Shaman
1 Hunter
1 Mage
1 Monk or Pally healer

ANY Exceptional players may apply!
still looking for mage/hunter

pally or monk healer

Death Knight/hunter/mage
a DPS Death Knight would be a nice addition to our roster, hit us up!
DPS warrior needed too
excuse me are you guys recruiting?
Sorry, we're full on Crunchys
Heroic Ji-kun down, at this point we're looking for exceptional DPSers 500+ ilvl

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