506 Hunter Looking for Weekday Raid guild.

Burning Legion

35 IRL, married, 50 hour/week job, play in CST (server time).
Looking for an active raid guild that runs any two days of the week mon-friday.
I prefer to join a progression guild 3-12 but will jump in any area.
I learn progression very quickly and research fights and my role as needed.
I prefer raid times of 7-10 but 7-12 will work.
I currently have 3/12 ToT XP (also play a MW monk).
I have Vent, Skype, Mumble with working headset and mic
.Can commit 100% raid attendance.
I use wowreforge.com and askmrrobot.com to optimize my gear/gem my gear.
Follow dps rotations found on icey vains.
Have all raid style pets to fill in for buffs.
I use DBM and recount, healbot (on my monk and shaman) Taunt master (on my dk pally druid warrior).
I can bring my own flasks/pots and food.600 LW with several 522 epic patts.
I have my own 600 JC, Script and Alchem.Also into the PVP aspect ie RBG's but primaraly want to PVE.
I gave Mayhem away to a friend as I was done guild leading and raid leading, wanted to just relax and game with out the constant pressure.
Left the guild after that to do raid make up. (they already had a dedicated hunter and I filled in a DPS spot until they found a more suited class for the raid comp)
Contact me in game please add the battle tag as I jump from toon to toon (the 11 I play on Korgath) Battletag: Malvicious#1424

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